MJ Chat Thread


Purse Princess
Oct 3, 2013
California (Central Coast)
Hi Elaine! I ultimately had to buy this. It reminded me of what made me fall in love with MJ way back when.
Yes, exactly. I sooooo miss the quilting!
I still have one quilted bag, purchased in the beginning of 2014 when I heard (maybe on this thread?) that the quilted bags were being discontinued, and I'll never part with it!
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Grateful for the little things
Jul 11, 2013
oh nice
looks like MJ Collection but I guess there is just one MJ now
good find...seems like the online rack stuff goes pretty fast
It is reminiscent of the MJ collection vs MbMJ; that’s what drew me to it. I was worried that the quality might not be what I hoped for but when I received it, it did not disappoint.

The first time I ordered it my order was canceled; not in stock. It showed up a couple of weeks later and I figured my order would be canceled again but this time I received it!