MJ Chat Thread

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  1. Thanks! Yeah it was getting long, we just have so much to say!
  2. Ya that last thread was just a lil bit long
  3. That's because we're such scintillating people! :biggrin:

    BTW, I agree with you about the Seinfeld commercial. I was in hysterics… it was like we had the show back again! Jason Alexander looked good, I thought, but Jerry has really aged, hasn't he? I guess that's what beaucoups bucks, a humongous car collection, a beautiful wife, and three little kids will do to a guy… :lol:
  4. Ooh. A fresh new thread. Sweet.

  5. Hahahaha yes! I was excited.. I wished the whole gang would do a little reunion!
  6. well hello there you shiny new thread!
  7. ooo new thread :smile:
  8. I loved it too!
  9. A mini-reveal… my MJ Lex wallet arrived from Gilt this afternoon. And (wonder of wonders!) they sent the correct color! :biggrin:

    I just adore the richness of the leather and the feel of the quilting. When The Hubster saw the shining brass plate on the front, he said "Wow! You'll need sunglasses whenever you take your wallet out of your bag!" :P

    Tonight I'll have the fun of transferring over all my credit cards & cash, getting everything all "tucked away." That's always such a treat with a new wallet!

    Okay… here's the reveal:

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  10. Love the cognac! It's lovely!
  11. I know, right? It's SO far beyond "brown"… I'd love a quilted bag in that exact color.

  12. It's looks just like the light tobacco I'm still sitting on. Maybe I'll have to give up trying to sell and just wear 😕 we will see
  13. It's a Stam you've posted, right? Too bad… Stams are too big for me. Wish it was a Little Stam! :smile:

  14. Yeah, it's a mini Stam though not a regular sized Stam, those are too big for me too!