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  1. I have tried both of them on and also the larger, more impressive South Sea Pearl sapphire earrings which are more than 3 times the price. The South Sea version was most impressive but, I really like the glow of Akoyas better. The sapphires really add interest to the earrings but, I wonder if the diamond ones wouldn't be easier to wear. The sapphires are so pretty. Flip. Flop. Flip.
  2. I love Mikimoto pearls and only buy their akoyas. I am not interested in south seas at all as I do not like the satin finish. There is nothing like the glow of an akoya. I have studs in both 8.5mm and 9.5mm and that’s what I wear often. The Morning Dew did not have the same effect as a pearl stud as it didn’t pop. Maybe try some studs and get a larger size. I love both my sizes. The 9.5mm are my favorite.

    The studs really light up my face.

    Just my thoughts. Hope this was helpful.
  3. IMG_7086.jpg

    Obsessed with mikis and contemplating my next purchase - 18cm 18k yellow gold bracelet with a 6.5mm ayoka.

    Pearls constantly put me at ease IDK why [emoji18]
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  4. That would be beautiful. Get it!
  5. IMG_7164.jpg

    That Akoya [emoji890][emoji890][emoji890][emoji890]
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  6. I got the sapphire Akoya Morning Dew earrings! I have short silvery grey hair and the sapphires add great interest. The pearls have enough movement to be interesting. They look beautiful with my 32 inch strand.

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  7. I would love to see a photo! Maybe I should try them on again for the 6th time! I really like the design and I wear long strands too!
  8. IMG_5839.jpg IMG_5842.jpg
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