MIKIMOTO FANS: Show us what you have

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    MIKIMOTO FANS: Show us what you have......

    I didn't like pearls a few years back but my mom loves them. A few year back, I bought her a pair of Mikimoto pearls stud with white gold design. She loved it. Then I got the pearl pendant for her from Hong Kong, to match her earrings, which is at least 20% cheaper than Malaysia. I found out that you get 10% discount off the HK retail price if purchased Lane Crawford stores. Basically, it's a good deal.

    I started to learn more about pearls and its lustre and is able to identify the difference. Then, I got hooked! I picked my first Mikimoto hoop earrings and pendant set in WG last December, Xmas gift from DH. That was love at first sight.

    Recently, he got me the Olive earrings and pendant in YG, from Hong Kong but he didn't go to Lane Crawford, therefore no discount.

    I will post pics later.
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  2. Can't wait to see your pics!

    I would love to one day have a Mikimoto pendant. I'm not enough of a pearl gal to justify buying a strand from them, but I love pendants and would love one from them. :yes:
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  3. My husband bought me an 18" strand of 9x7 graduated pearls, but they're my Christmas present and I'm not allowed to have them and I'm not allowed to take pictures (I tried, though!). :shrugs:
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  4. I love Mikimoto pearls although I don't have any yet! Can't wait to see everyone's pictures.....:tup:
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  5. Well, although I don't have any actual pictures because I'm not allowed to take any, here's a picture from the Mikimoto website. DH lucked out-- I happen to prefer the graduated look as to opposed to uniform size all around, which turns out to be less expensive.

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    Here goes....

    1. Mikimoto Olive Earrings and Pendant - Action Shot
    2. Mikimoto Hoop Earrings and Pendant (don't know the name) - Action Shot
    3. Mikimoto Hoop Earrings Closeup
    4. Mikimoto Olive Earrings Closeup

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    L- R
    1. Mikimoto Olive Pendant Closeup
    2. Mikimoto Pendant with Diamond Closeup

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  8. Mikimoto Pearl Earrings and Pendant

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  9. Beautiful Nvie!
    I especially love the pendant single pearl with diamonds on your second post on the right hand side - I am currently in Singapore with work and would to get a pendant like that, would you mind me asking the price range this would fall into? I would PM you but I don't know how!
  10. You have some beautiful pearls!
    I have a very old (30 years at least) 3 strand of graduated Mikimotos that my mom gave me and a set of 7mm pearls (necklace, bracelet, stud earrings).
    I really love the olive set and your hoops!
  11. twitspie - Thank you. Pendant is HKD4480 retail price but I got 10%. It comes up to HK4032 (approx. RM1,750/USD515). A very good deal. I think it will cost at least RM2800/USD825 in KL. I got that last Dec and am not too sure if you can still find it. Do try...and please share price....:smile:

    kitsunegrl - oooh, :heart: I am eyeing Mikimoto's single pearl strand. Value of your 30-year old pearl strand have appreciated a whole lot. Would love to see some pics. My colleague has a single strand which she bought 10 years ago, price has doubled up! Great investment. :tup:

    Olive set is meant to be mine. I asked DH to check out prices while he was in Hong Kong and unfortunately the Olive earrings were sold out in Lane Crawford, Harbour City but SA was nice to check the other stores. He was told there's only one left in yellow gold in Lane Crawford, Pacific Place. However, pendant is sold out in HK. He could order but SA is unable to give him the delivery time frame. I wanted the set instead of just the earrings so told him to forget about it.

    A couple of weeks later when he was in HK again, he went to Mikimoto boutique in IFC and found the set! :yahoo: SA told him the pendant in yellow gold just came in from Japan a week ago and that was the last one. He made me a happy woman! :P
  12. nvie - I absolutely love your olive pendant and earrings! The design is so delicate and beautiful...:tup:

    I have a few questions about them:

    1. Do you know if the pendant comes in an 18" chain?
    2. Do you remember how much each piece was?
    3. Is this design only available in Asia? (I live in the US).

  13. nvie, I love those olive branch earrings! So far no Mikimoto's for me... a girl can dream, though!!
  14. nvie I LOVE that olive pendant!!!
  15. faith: thank you...love the unique design. Check out the one with diamonds below....:graucho:USD2750 (pendant) and USD2550 (earrings)

    elle tee: if there's a will, there's a way!

    leilani01: Olive pendant comes with a chain which has a hook, so versatile that you can wear 16" or 18". It's HKD4920/USD630 approx. Yes, you can purchase it in US, just visit online store www.mikimotoamerica.com It's USD690.

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