MIKIMOTO FANS: Show us what you have


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Dec 14, 2008
Love the new design! Although not as practical with the Pearl dangle. I hope it’s available in white gold. Please post pic when you get your bracelet back!

Agree! I had loved the new design, but it has less pearls and the markup is like 30%. Plus yhe dangle is a little long and will not be convenient for layering purposes.. so i took it as a sign when i chanced upon the old model.still..

Will do :smile:


Aug 5, 2022
Just wanted to share my wedding day jewelry - a Limited Edition Mikimoto Pearls In Motion earring and necklace set. I'm not sure what sizes the pearls are (I think 7-8mm?) but the colors are varying shades of pinks, lavenders, and muted golds...


Btw, I had no idea what grade or type these pearls were when I bought them (I just fell in love), but ever since browsing many pearl threads, I've learned so much and am now really curious about what I have. The receipt only says that they are "freshwater" but no indication of grade. Does anyone know how I could go about finding out if they are A or AAA? TIA!
This "pearls in motion" collection is gorgeous. I especially love these earrings.


Jun 25, 2022
Here goes....

1. Mikimoto Olive Earrings and Pendant - Action Shot
2. Mikimoto Hoop Earrings and Pendant (don't know the name) - Action Shot
3. Mikimoto Hoop Earrings Closeup
4. Mikimoto Olive Earrings Closeup
I know it's been some time since you posted, but your Mikimotos are beautiful. Is there one you find wearing more than others?