MIKIMOTO FANS: Show us what you have

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  1. Wow! Looks so good on you! :heart:
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  2. They are very pretty on. I love Mikimoto strands and earrings, but for earrings, I just mainly buy their studs so I want to venture out! Thanks for sharing.
  3. 1D0CCEF3-E04A-44D8-ACF6-82FB58CC99F3.jpeg I’m loving all the beautiful photos in this thread! I hope to own Pearl with diamond earrings someday!
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  4. I just got on to Mikimoto and thoroughly enjoyed reading all pages of this thread. Hoping that all Mikimoto fans here will keep this thread alive. It would be great to ogle at your photos!
  5. Here's my pearl strand from Mikimoto. BeautyPlus_20180621101533986_save.jpg

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  6. All these mikimoto pictures are gorgeous! Thinking of a pair of earrings, the DH is letting me pick out an anniversary gift [emoji7]

    What earrings do you all recommend? (price range up to 1K USD) debating on an everyday pair or a more special occasion pair ‍♀️
  7. I would pick pearl dangles with or without diamonds. Dark pearls are so lustrous and would go with anything, formal or fun!
    I would not go for plain pearl studs because although this is a classic design, it can be made by any brand.
  8. Get something other than just classic pearl stud if it has to be mikimoto. Alternatively spend that $ on south sea pearl studs which is gorgeous and bigger in size!
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  9. Hi! I would get the classic studs, in size 8.5mm-8.0mm. You will wear them everywhere and they will be so special and glow like glass. They will light up your face! I love my pearl studs more than my diamond studs because a nice quality set of glowy pearl earrings truly do light up your face.

    That’s my two cents. Hope that was helpful.
  10. Thanks all! I hope to pick a pair after I try a few on. I like the idea of a darker pearl or one with diamonds. I’ll post when I finally pick a style.
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  11. Are your earrings from mikimoto too? If so, how much? Beautiful strand you have [emoji1360][emoji817]
  12. No, unfortunately the strand is my only mikimoto piece. One day I may get the earrings too.
  13. IMG_6987.jpg IMG_6985.jpg

    Mikimoto Screw Back earrings matched with Dior 647 Undress eyeshadow palette [emoji286]
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  15. Hi! I have tried them on about 5 times trying to love them and buy them. They do not “swing” on me and they look a bit stiff.

    I really love the way they look, but not on me and I have tried!

    Definitely try them on.
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