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  1. :heart: Thank you! :heart:
  2. Yes definitely good taste.:biggrin:
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  3. My pup wearing the Etriviere collar!! I got it in Paris and they said they couldn't engrave it there. Anyone have any info on engraving?

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  4. your dog is insanely adorable!!!!
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  5. He is so so so adorable!!❤️ May I ask how much does your pup weigh and what size did you get the collar for him?
  6. Thank you :smile: my pup is 13 lbs and we got the small. She’s very fluffy though since she’s a goldendoodle. Without the fluff, an XS might’ve worked better.
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  7. awwww :biggrin:
    My Goodness. What a beautiful fur baby! What breed is he/she? So adorable!
  8. Wow. This photo is amazing in every way
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  9. Thank you for the reply! My pup is a mixed poodle too 13 lbs! I think XS will go nicely for him too
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  10. He is to die for! If you see a crazy lady sneaking around it"s gonna be me trying to steal your pup :biggrin: Don't shoot, ok? :biggrin:
  11. Winter came! ;)
    How many dogs do you see? :smile:
    Doggies forever... IMG_1374 2.jpg
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  12. Awe, Thank you! :smile::blush:
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  13. Kahlan inspecting my new bracelet 85C39901-E158-4B3E-9DC2-201CB91B359A.jpeg
  14. Cuteness overload! :love:
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