'Mes and Pets

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  1. Hello Karl and gorgeous bag
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  2. Thank you :heart:
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  4. #1114 Jan 24, 2020
    Last edited: Jan 24, 2020
    This furry face is usually a ribbon destroyer. I think he knew it’s Hermes and didn’t mind posing instead :blush:
  5. WOW!
    Definitely unexpected but He sure is handsome!
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  6. She sure knows to enjoy luxury! That's my girl!! PhotoGrid_1579565259934.jpg
  7. She's wonderful! Can't tell where she ends and the blanket beings!
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  8. Adjustments.JPG

    My dogs are enjoying the new bathtowel, it’s theirs now. :biggrin:
  9. A deserving duo just based on cuteness alone!
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  10. Karl has beautiful markings. What a cutie. He seems to approve of your lovely bag.
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  11. I totally love those guys!
    (The blanketiss ok-ish too :biggrin: )
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  12. These are seriously to die for! Wow!
    I kind of wish though to see some sighthounds in this roster too :biggrin: Them needing really wide collars because of their long, sensitive necks.
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  13. I’m the same way - if my cat takes a liking to something be it a new pillow, throw or cup/mug, it’s hers. Your pups are outrageously cute.
  14. Omg, she totally owns it!
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