Mark Wahlberg "Mahhky Mahhk"

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  1. He was YUMMY then... and he's YUMMY now!:drool:
  2. I going to have to second that!!!!

    He was hilarious in "DEPARTED"
  3. it hot in here ??
  4. my god.
    that boy is fine.
    that stomach.
    i just want to rub it lol.
  5. Woah!!
  6. :heart: :love: :heart:
  7. I have a HUGE crush on him.... HUGE HUGE. I saw Shooter twice... the 2nd time today, and I just fell in love with him all over. He is totally sexy!
  8. He was so hot in the Calvin Klein ads :drool:
  9. Underwear model/rapper to Oscar nominated actor. The boy has come a long way. . .
  10. He was in jail in the late 80's... he was a trouble maker.

    He has 2 kids... and a gorgeous model girlfriend. I would have left Vlad... but now I can't. Well I guess I could :P
  11. His gf (maybe wife now...) is BEAUTIFUL. Rhea Durham...

  12. He and gf Rhea before their son was born (really cute picture!!!!)

  13. Here is one of his original Calvin Klein ads:

  14. LOL..I have to go back to this thread just to see the pics ..:upsidedown: :P
  15. :heart: :drool: :drool: