Mark Wahlberg "Mahhky Mahhk"

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  1. Isn't he one of the executive producers of 'Entourage'?
  2. So cute!
  3. Yes he is. It is somewhat based off his life.

    Love the show! LOVE him!
  4. I think he was hot then and hot now!
  5. I always thought he looked hot! And he definitely has come a long ways from his dodgy South Boston roots and has really made something of himself! I'm a fan!!!
  6. He's still hot!!!
  7. He looked amazing before, but no, he's just not as hot now. Just look at that pic on the beach! He's still cute, but he was a knockout before.
  8. Mark still looks HOT!

  9. He looks better now.
  10. can someone say HooooooooTTie!? :P

  11. OMG, I was going to post this pic but I couldn't get it to copy & paste!! I think he looked better younger but I still told DH that he can't go see Shooter w/o me cuz I want to see him in it. DH laughed of course!
  12. I like him all 'grown up' he was easily the best part of departed.
  13. This made me smile.
  14. He IS hot! He is a good guy too!
  15. He is still freakin HOT! I love him in the movie "Fear". I still have that movie. Even though he plays a psycho boyfriend he is still hot!:blush: