"Made in..." label stitched upside down?

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  1. actually, more than just 2 people are in trouble for this one :smile:. think about the amount of hands this bag passed through before it got to the OP. you had the seamstress, their supervisor, the person who/wrapped and boxed it, the salesperson who sold it to her, and so on. a whole line of people didn't catch this or pay attention to detail. it's just basic quality control gone wrong. but if the seamstress couldn't even sew the tag in right what other flaws did he/she make with stitching the bag. i'm assuming a seamstress puts the label in - maybe it's machine-done.
  2. I have the palm springs mini back pack in reverse mono and i was lucky to find it at the store in Soho, just arrived and MIF, i know how much this bag is cute as all h*** but for the price, I want the bag to be made properly even if its something minor. I cant just say, well give me 20% off and ill accept that upside down. No, I cant lol. I would definitely take it back and try my hardest to have the courage to be adamant about then finding me a replacement MIF one asap.
  3. I would definitely return, especially if you think you would ever sell it in the future.
  4. True, but firing them all? May be excessive. May not be. Firing them all just would not be my knee jerk reaction. Researching, then deciding a course of action would be my path.
  5. Ummm...Don't know if this is possible, but if the bag otherwise meets your satisfaction, could you take it to the store, have them send it out for repair? On their dime, of course?
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  6. you're a nicer manager than me.:smile: i bet it was a machine anyway..
  7. I agree. Omg, everyone really goes from 1-100 so quick! I'm not sure what kind of company can afford to fire everyone whenever someone makes a mistake. We have people in high public positions making many mistakes and they are allowed to learn on the job. Every brand has mistakes and irregularities. To my knowledge quality control doesn't check every single item as that is not possible. Usually it's a random sample.
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    That's the problem, people are not being held accountable!

    The online store is the absolute worst, imho, and speaking from my own experiences. They do not care what they ship to paying customers (they ship anything!). A LOT of people are not doing their job, and/or half-doing (perhaps, intentionally). There needs to be better management, overall.

    Who knows if it was the first mistake, second, third, or forth? This is a multi billion-dollar, SO-CALLED luxury company, and it is absolutely ridiculous and unacceptable. There is no excuse.
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  9. Return it, for all the reasons stated and travel, if you ever venture out of your own country with this bag and go through customs they may confiscate it as fake, just read a horror story about that very thing.
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  10. No, 100% return.

    And I have to disagree that a defect is what makes a bag unique. Why not just do away with quality control all together? Then every bag can be unique :graucho:
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  11. I would bring it back. I'm trying to understand how such an error got past quality control...
  12. I would return because down the road for a repair it could be an issue with LV
  13. When I called Customer Service to request a return label (purchased with Paypal), and the client service advisor asked the reason for return--"Me: The Made in France tag is upside down and I don't feel comfortable with such discrepancy on my bag..."-- her response was it wouldn't affect the use of the bag. Well, of course, I understand that, but the upside down tag is not the norm and affects other things, like resell value, public perception of authenticity, etc.

    I am definitely in the boat that this is unacceptable and "hand made" shouldn't be an excuse. It does make me lol now that I think about it. If everything else was fine with the bag, I would strongly consider keeping it bc I do love the bag; however, I noticed some things after the upside down tag. The bag seems "broken in" (softer and creases in back) compared to the first palm springs mini I received that was Made in Spain. Also, I preferred the canvas on the Made in Spain one-- it was a richer brown and a little stiffer. Too bad the corners on the Spain one was less than perfect for me. I was excited at first to see the "Made in France" on the second, but, man, this experience definitely debunked my slight prejudice against non Made in France pieces! I learned, at the end of the day, quality trumps where the bag is made in.
  14. Accountability looks different depending on the circumstance. It could mean a write up if the first mistake. I wouldn't want to live in fear at my job of being fired if I forgot to write one email. If I forgot to write three in a week, then it'd be warranted.

    Cutting off someone's income for one mistake is extreme.
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  15. Not really, trust me. I believe strongly in accountability, but we all make mistakes. One as a rarity, ok, constantly being a screw up? Bye, Felicia lol.
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