"Made in..." label stitched upside down?

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  1. I just received my Monogram Palm Springs Mini that I ordered online, and the "Made in..." logo is stitched upside down. Has anyone received a bag like this? The date code for it is FL2107.

    It wouldn't be a big deal, but just worried if I decide to resell in the far future that it will be called out as fake. Also kind of annoyed because this is the second time ordering the bag and I was hoping for a good one this time around .

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  2. Mine is not like that, that would bother me a lot since it's not suppose to be like that!!!! I would exchange!!! I can't recall ever seeing the label upside down!
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  3. Yeah, that's what I thought . I was googling pictures of the palm springs' insides like a madman, trying to find one that was also upside down. This is disappointing.
  4. Eeek!! That don't look good, how did it pass quality control!! I would return it.
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  5. Absolutely return that bag! It is unacceptable!!
  6. I'm so sorry. I'm sure they are going to be surprised when they see it!
  7. Return this bag. This is obviously an issue.
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  8. What in the hell!?! I can't help but laugh at this... how ridiculous. OP, 100% return this bag! I'm dumbfounded on how someone made this bag, went through quality control, and then was packed by someone.
  9. :doh:
  10. I would keep the bag if everything else is in good condition except the tag up side Down. It is so cool .
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  11. Whoa, it's kinda horrible and cool at the same time. But I don't think I could keep it.
  12. That's not cool! I'm sorry honey. You should return the bag.
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  13. Return, this is unacceptable.
  14. Thanks all for the responses. I will be returning it. The hunt for my palm springs continues!
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  15. honestly i am shocked with such an error. how could this pass quality control!! i also got the bag with a defect and returned since it would bother me all the time. no way u should keep it. just so u feel better.. we r on the same boat. the replacement of the bag i returned is not available now. and no one knows till how long!