Macy's 50% off

  1. Heads up! Some Macy's stores have Tokidoki bags at 50% off!

    I picked up a Foresta Ciao Ciao and a Citta Rose Luna for half off yesterday at a Macy's in Colorado Springs. There were also some Citta Portetelefonos (or whatever they are called) at 50% off as well.

    At 25% off they had several Luna's in Citta and Foresta. Also Ciao Ciao in Citta and Citta Rose.

    They couldn't tell me why some were 25% off and some 50%.
  2. Oh boy, I'm going to really have to pester my friend to go check out the Pittsburgh Macy's.

    However, if anyone finds an inferno dolce with the watermelon guy and teeth-brushing devil on it...*cough cough* :graucho:
  3. Oh my! Which store did you get a foresta from?
  4. :crybaby: our macys dont carry lesportsac! ....was there any nuvola in foresta???? if there is help me get one :graucho:
  5. ^I called a lot of Macys and all they had were foresta lunas that would come out to less than $70 if bought with a macys card!:nuts: I was so tempted to buy one even if I really didn't need it. LOL! But that was all I found...
  6. aw shucks..but thanks for checking :biggrin:
  7. Ya, sure. No prob. I hope we find what we're looking for ;)
  8. 50%?!? Wow. :yahoo: That is great... does anyone know when the sale is going to end? I really need to go check it out! :drool:
  9. Papillon216.. which Macy's did you call?
    I called a few but the Sales girls doesn't know much about Tokidoki they just said "No". They are really not helpfull at all.
  10. holy crap!! 70 for a foresta luna?? :drool: I am in love!! Which store did you call papillion?
  11. Can I say I want a Foresta Luna and would love someone to get one sent to me, lol? If not, please delete this post. I am so jealous of that price! :nuts:
  12. disney- i think we can chargesend if someone lets us know which macys it was!!
  13. i want a foresta luna at $70!!! oh oh oh!! me me me!! pick me, pick me!!!
  14. Really, I had no idea Macys did that (ship to Hawaii). Okay, we just need to find out where now. :yes: I think my hubby might not be too happy, lol. I just did my purchase with Pulse on Sunday.
  15. Heehee, we need 4 of everything for us here in Hawaii.