LV shopping mania conquered!

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  1. You have a great list, Crazy Bag. The Capucines in galet is gorgeous! (It seems I love this bag in every color. :biggrin:) I hope we find out soon what is being released in epi pastel colors to help make decisions!
  2. Hahahh... Thanks...But the problem with my list is... It starts short beginning of the year and grows longer as the months goes. I wish I know how to chop the list :lol:

    Agree!!! We need to know what styles are the pastel epi coming in!!!
  3. Oh yes, that is the problem with lists! :biggrin:

    One thing curbing my buying is that when I started buying LV I decided I wouldn't have more than 10 big handbags at one time. Right now I have eight, so there's only two spots left. (I consider my DE NF GM to be a luggage piece, so it doesn't count toward the ten big handbags.) I'm also thinking that the Fascinante may just be small enough that it won't count. :graucho: I'm always looking for loopholes… ;)

  4. You have cool list! So far I heard pastel Epi will not come in Alma or Brea any sizes though. Capucines Galet is gorgeous, stick with that one :smile:
  5. I only have one more thing on my list and my collection is complete :yahoo::yahoo::happydance:
    1. Pegase Business Monogram 55' :smile:
  6. That's wonderful! I hope you complete your collection soon. :smile:
  7. Cali Cali... This sounds like really bad news for me....:crybaby:

    I really want the alma MM and I thought pink would be perfect.
  8. :sad:( I am sad too as I really want alma PM in Lilac Epi.
  9. Sigh! Do you know when will they launch the new epi alma mm? I see them in the computer

  10. No, but I think if they are in the system, that means launching is near, probably April or early May.
  11. I heard it was going to be launched before June. Hopefully there will be some other new colors if they are not releasing any almas in the pastels.