LV shopping mania conquered!

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  1. Hi fellow LVoe addicts! :biggrin:

    It seems LV is coming out with so many beautiful colors and items this spring that I've been feeling completely overwhelmed. I want way too many things right now and I feel like I need to gain some control and make a plan. So this is what I'm going to do:

    Step one: Set myself a budget. :rtr:

    Step two: Note down the name, color and price of every single item I'm wanting right now. :panic:

    Step three: Go through the list and cross over items until the total fits into my budget and I'm happy with the selection. :speedy:

    Step four: Make a new list with just the items that I did not cross over and check them off the list as I get them. :yes:
  2. And the budget is for the rest of 2014.
  3. :smile:) For me, Step 5: Ignore steps 1-4 if there is a item makes your heart skips a beat or 2 :smile:)
  4. :lol: I know that feeling!
  5. :biggrin: Seriously, I plan to stay on budget all the time..but then I see a gorgeous LV bag that makes my heart skipping beats...goodness, all the budget plans go up in smoke. I need LV rehab :biggrin:
  6. Me too. It's awful. :biggrin: That's why I decided to write down a list to keep me in check (hopefully). And it's so frustrating that they are coming out with all these gorgeous colors at the same time this spring in most of the leather lines (amethyst, lilas, pink, black) and exciting new models like the bb capu.
  7. Yeah...the capu bb in fuschia pink or black with pink trim is gorgeous gorgeous :loveeyes:
  8. I can't wait to see them at the boutique. Luckily the colors will be very similar to the ones I have already so I will likely not be too tempted.
  9. What's in your wishlist OP?
  10. Or rather, what isn't? :shame:

    This is what I started with:

    Fascinante (black or amethyst)
    Pastel epi neverfull mm or pm
    Pastel epi alma bb
    Pallas (amethyst)
    Posey bag charm (amethyst)
    Vernis cosmetic pouch (amethyst or lilas)
    Monogram cosmetic pouch
    Capucines bb
    Sofia Coppola bb (cobalt)
    Sunglass case (DA)
    Empreinte curieuse wallet
    Epi zippy coin purse
    Empreinte zippy coin purse (lilas)
    Empreinte metis (black)
    Coffret tresor 24

    I would definitely not want all of them - many are different options that I need to choose between.
  11. After crossing things off, here's the new, shorter list:

    Fascinante (most likely amethyst)
    Pastel epi neverfull mm or pm or pastel epi alma bb
    Posey bag charm (amethyst)
    Vernis cosmetic pouch (amethyst or lilas)
    Monogram cosmetic pouch
    Epi zippy coin purse
    Empreinte zippy coin purse

    Need to make more choices and narrow it down some more, but I've made a lot of progress already.

    The one item I discovered I want the most is Fascinante.

  12. Must learn from the expert! LMAO - too funny. :lol:
  13. I do this as well...make my list, revise edit and rewrite then as I get the items I make new lists :smile: I am very picky so sticking to my list is the easiest thing for me! :smile:
  14. :biggrin:

    You're very lucky that it's easy for you to stick to the list!

    I realized I have some more time to think about my list because I can't finalize it without knowing what items are coming out in which pastel epi colors. But I'm very happy knowing for sure now that I want the Fascinante. :smile:
  15. Lol... This is so cute.. Here's my list:

    1. Alma in the new MM size - epi or vernis... Can't decide.
    2. Epi pastel pink - need to know what's out first before deciding what to get. - brea would be ideal.
    3. New wallet ... Most likely a Sarah.
    4. Don't mind a Capucine in galet ahhhhh ( if only I pull the trigger on this one)

    If epi alma pink comes in MM size, then my wishlist for 1 and 2 will merge. Hahaha