LV Mini Palm Springs Backpack

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  1. I am loving the my new Palm Springs mini what is some of your favorite ways to wear this bag ? Crossbody or like a back pack ??
  2. I love the reverse so much ! I would keep that one .. I have the Metis in reverse and I’m in love with the reverse line :smile:
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  3. So happy to see my baby back!!
    I inspected the zipper and the repair is excellent. I still have 1 year guarantee on the repair.
    I met and spoke with the Senior Client Advisor who gave me her card and told me to contact her for anything I would need - preorders included :biggrin:
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  4. So update on my handle situation cracking. I finally took it in and the SA was a headache to deal with. I felt so embarrassed. She first told me “oh that’s so weird I’ve never seen that let me go talk to the manager” then she came back and pretty much said I’m over thinking everything. She told me she sees a beautiful bag and it looks amazing and she sees the start of an issue. She said she doesn’t want me to go without a bag for weeks and pay hundreds of dollars to get a handle replaced. She told me to come back if it gets worse and I can go get it polished at another LV store. She also told me it’s gonna be an entire issue because she will have to look up my name and all my information and blah blah blah. Oh and she said at one point seems like it’s because I put too much in my bag that’s why the handle/glazing is cracking which I don’t. Anyways is there a way to email someone? I’m annoyed and I don’t feel like arguing. I’m an introvert and too shy to argue my case. What’s the best thing for me to do?
  5. That's great! Happy for you that it's all resolved.
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  6. Do you carry it by the handle? Sounds like the SA didn’t want to deal with it. Can you post a picture? Are you close to another store and you could ask to speak to a manager..
  7. Great outcome! Glad your baby is back & fixed properly :smile:
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  8. Is your palm springs reverse too? Do you have any color transfer issues with reverse canvas?
  9. i have the reverse new model and worried about color transfer. but I've worn it with my jeans, black, purple, every color you can think of and I haven't had a single issue
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  10. That’s good to hear! The canvas seems durable, interestingly reverse seems softer than the monogram canvas, which I like
  11. I love the look of backpacks but I don’t find them that practical for access so I generally wear crossbody. However, the PSM straps have been the bane of my life so I have finally found a way to convert it from crossbody to backpack without removing the straps! I will upload some pics when I get a moment...
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  12. I’ve done a mini tutorial. Here is the link in the forum:
  13. does anyone shorten the straps on their PSM? i've been thinking about wearing it like that, i love this bag but i'm short and it just hangs off me and flies around. This video shows you how to do it
  14. I only wear this bag cross body with the monogram bandouliere XL or other straps that I have. I will never wear this as a backpack. I’ve heard of people getting their bags stolen when worn as a backpack. The thieves slice the straps with a knife or box cutter and grab the bag. That is not why I don’t wear it as a backpack though but I prefer this bag on me as a cross body.
  15. oh wow! thats crazy but i can see how easily the straps could be cut. also the bag slides around everywhere it would be easy to grab off