LV Mini Palm Springs Backpack

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  1. Never mind. I just went online to LV’s website and see that the panels don’t match up on their stock pictures. :smile:
  2. They exists - Palm Springs Minis which are really good made with no flaws - I read so many posts about problems, but I pulled the trigger and got a perfect one (and if anyone sees flaws I didn't see - please don't tell me ;))

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  3. Hi everyone.

    I need your opinion. I just received this psm today. The monogram on top between the zipper doesn’t align at all. Should I return it?

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  4. Congrats!! it looks gorgeous, if someone tells you otherwise, just don't care it! one can always look for a flaw when there's none, just enjoy your bag!!
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  5. Beauty! Where is yours made?
  6. Do the flowers seem to fade too?
  7. Finally got this baby after hunting it for agessssssss! My friend managed to score this one for me during a walk-in. :yahoo:
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  8. Y'all. I literally laughed out loud and have to share.

    I ordered my PSM online and received it today. Not only did it have the chemical smell some people have been speaking of, but check out the utter failure of stamping the front tag. Who looks at that and lets it go further through assembly?

    LV PSM.jpg

    Currently torn on exchange or just return and move on to a different bag.
  9. mines isn’t that deep and that chemical smell means it’s literally fresh out of the factory.
  10. Received this yesterday and got so upset. There are 2 spots here that seem to have some scuffs/rubbing off. I thought I’d like to keep this but looks like I have to return

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  11. Mine is like this too, one very little spot. I'm keeping mine though cause its MIF. I haven't seen any MIF PSM in a long time. Where is yours made?
  12. MIF too. Actually a lot of psm are coming into stores this month. No longer that rare now