LV Lovers: Convert me...

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  1. Not too long ago, I posted on another message board that I've never owned LV and several women took pity on me. :lol: Someone said, "It's a woman's right of passage!!!" I've been noticing so many LV fans here and everywhere, so I'm naturally curious. Please tell me what you love about LV handbags; I'm seriously considering adding one to the collection. I'm not crazy about the monogram, but I'm drawn to the epi leather. Is it soft?

    Please tell me everything that you love about LV. What am I missing out on? :lol:
  2. :sad: i wouldnt know. but currently i use a burberry jacquard bag, long and skinny.
  3. I like that the bags are classic and durable. They are versatile (dress up or down) and don't go out of style. I bought my first LV a couple of months ago and immediately went out and bought 2 more!! So far, I have the Batignolles Horizontal (my most every day work bag), a Speedy 30 (because it's timeless) and a Petit Bucket (which I'm really liking as well, carry this one on weekends when I'm out with the kid and the dog and need both hands free). All my bags are Mono canvas, but I'm eyeing a Damier Alma for later this year.
  4. i don't know...i began "life" as a Coach lover...I mean I was seriously addicted to Coach. Classic leather, to signature...everything. I didn't really care about LV for a while, and then I began wondering, why is everyone else so crazy about a $500 bag that's not even leather? Then I got my first LV and my life changed. I would see the fakes and then with mine...the quality of an authentic LV is amazing to me, and the cheap, plasticy, shoddy fakes just disgusted me. So I began learning more and more about the company, how to spot fakes, and with each new bag I got, I just got more and more addicted. The fact that my 2 year old will be able to use my bags 16 years from now and they'll be in great condition, and style *hopefully* is an exciting thought to me.
  5. Last wk, my cousin and I were cleaning out her mom's closet and we dug up old LV bags from long time ago and they STILL look "new" and in excellent quality. It was very very scary to us since the dust bags that came with it were like from centuries ago. lol So YES they are very durable! :amuse:
  6. i still don't like the LV monogram bags in canvas, i sort of think the blue denim line is cute. but i do have an epi jasmin and i barely even used it since i bought it. the leather is hard and makes the zipper had to use. so no LV fan here.
  7. Very well said :biggrin: They are classic handbags that don't go out of style. They're durable and hold up for years. I love the look of vintage LVs that have been well taken care of.
  8. I have been mainly wearing Louis Vuitton for the past 12 years, the first one I bought, I could wear tomorrow for it's quality, style and classic reliability. They go with my cargo's,sweats and stiletto's!:nuts:
  9. I think I like the smell of a LV better than anything else :lol:
  10. I think you should go for it! Go to the boutique and see what you like. I have a monogram bucket (great on vacation, fits everything and gives easy access), an epi noe (I have it in orange and it's gorgeous), and a zip wallet (holds everything!), and I love them!

    The epi leather is not soft and squishy. It's structured and thick. With the noe, it stands up on its own and stays closed with the drawstring. It's not a floppy bag.
  11. lv is just amazing - you get so addicted - i love the quality, the smell, the materials, designs, shapes, attention to detail -- it by far my favourite designer brand - once you have one you will be able to undrstanf for yourself why they are so special .
  12. I like the fact it's durable, my other bags from other designers hold up well, but not to L.V. I can lugg it everywhere, from errands to a night out on a date. It's so versitle.They have so many shapes, so whatever fits your style. And they will always be a clissic!
  13. LV sigh, what can I say. I have twenty five pieces of LV, besides my Gucci and occassional Kate Spade, LV is all I buy. Just as the others have said, its classy and elegant and unbelievable durable, for me that makes it a great investment. I never cease to get compliments on my LV, it is truly an extraordinary brand of luxury good, trust us you won't be disappointed.
  14. oh baglovermom I would love to see your LV collection do you have pic, what LVs do you own?? :biggrin:
  15. I'll have to list them, hee hee I'm embarrased to say that I don't even have a digital camera or an ahem, Ipod, is that how you spell it?! I am committed to being more tech savvy this year!