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  1. [emoji848] [emoji89]
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  2. Haha yes. Here in Australia, Chanel had a huge price jump so classic and reissues are $8000 AUD. Also Hermes had one too and the Lindy went from $10k to $12k AUD..sigh.
    I love lamb leather so soft and pleasing to touch. I've had mine for a few years now and would love more bag styles to be in this leather.
  3. Which ones do you have in lamb? Do you wear them often?
  4. Only the Go-14. They only did one release of this bag. So good to see it making a comeback in the F/W show. I did post a pic of it the other day... can't remember which thread, it is black with tri colour studs. I use it both for casual and nights out, but not everyday as it is a dressy bag.
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  5. Don’t get why the trim and the handles are Canvas too. (Neverfull and Alma) I am not fond of that aspect. :/
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  6. I see... I thought you were referring to CHANEL Lambskin. :smile:. I am always asking ppl their experience w/lamb. Maybe one day I will take a chance
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  7. I liked that last one until I noticed it’s a mix of monogram and Damier.... nope!
  8. [emoji7]

    Sound like a broken record... but that North/south BB luggage or whatever it is would be super cute in regular Damier.

    The BB luggage is definitely in my wish list. How successful were people getting the mini version from SS2019 online...? Do I need an SA to get one (I don’t have one. All my previous ones left LV long ago...)

    IMG_8241.JPG IMG_8242.JPG IMG_8239.JPG
  9. Funny, I felt something was odd about those two, I just couldn't put my finger on it. Non leather handles... :smile:
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