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  1. IMG_1957.JPG

    Credit to foxylv
  2. IMG_1954.JPG

    Credit to foxylv
  3. I love a Pap - but man, I'm NOT loving the mix of Mono with Damier. I love, love the big Pap here, but am wincing at the little damier Pap with it. Separately, they are grand.
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  4. I've always liked the round/barrel bag and this is no exception. Does anyone know the material or the cost?
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  5. Starbux32, paula3boys and inard1 like this.
  6. LOL! :biggrin:
    frenchyo8 likes this.
  7. Yes, the vachetta trim is not impressive in this piece.
  8. That's my same feeling: I find odd the mix of mono and damier. Not loving it either!
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  9. For material and costs it's tad early. I might be wrong but it looks like canvas...
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  10. I'm truly in love with those luggagesque pieces!
  11. Oh dear. There are quite a few pieces here that are calling my name!
    Kmora, Belgian22, mzbaglady1 and 2 others like this.
  12. I hope this launches in the United States. This is my next one for sure! Reminds me of the St. Cloud
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  13. I’d love to see the red irl [emoji4]
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  14. Love this...Want this:heart:
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