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  1. I have been in love with LV's 2-3 recent collections with the luggagesque style and the use of vachetta or that aged vachetta.
  2. I think I love it

  3. This one is lovely. Any more info ..... like $$$?

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  4. My GO-14 PM was $5.3k AUD. This looks larger so I would expect high $5700 ish AUD.
    Just checked the US site GO-14 pm is $4050 USD.
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  5. I like this one too but the price tag is a little outside of my comfort zone
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  6. I love this one! When will this collection launch?

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  7. Omg LV is killin' IT!!!! :loveeyes:
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  8. Start in July and trickle down through August and September.
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  9. I love the nano suitcase in mono and I’m intrigued by the damier suitcase bags although I don’t love any of the color combos. I also like that larger suitcase bag with dark brown trim that looks very vintage. Lastly, I like the long strap flap bag with a curved bottom in dark red smooth leather that is reminiscent of older Coach bags. We’ll see what happens and if I end up purchasing any of these! I never made the move on the suitcase bag this season although I love it.
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  10. I like the shoes.
  11. I was thinking about buying a reissue.... this is way cheaper!!!!
  12. It is lambskin..... darn:crybaby:
  13. Absolutely stunning collection of bags!!!
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  14. Some extra pics of the fall winter bags from foxylv’s and dlouisvdotcom’s instagram.
    AAE6E201-0599-4F62-986D-575AB9477FDB.jpeg DDD7CF04-8053-433D-9D92-2DA35167AA96.jpeg E44B53E6-7B42-48C3-A387-7466AF00210C.jpeg E885CF57-090D-4DBF-BF87-E74169F5F014.jpeg 34C444AD-8FEB-4647-821B-7F0F820D5A87.jpeg C7533ABA-0E05-496E-A31C-E68DEDD91085.jpeg
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