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  1. Love this!
  2. I agree
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  3. Any new Capucines BB ?
  4. The first thing I had to think about when I saw this was the Joker.
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  5. I can't wait to see more detailed pictures of the bags. I caught glimpses of some gorgeous ones in there.
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  6. IMG_8235.JPG


    Really hoping for a regular Damier Ebene version of this mini luggage
  7. Fun show but it fell short for me following the Spring-Summer show (which gave me chills). However, I am always super excited to see more details as they come!
  8. Is this a smaller mini luggage (photo from Vogue)?
  9. Was wondering the same! If that’s the case I’m sold!
  10. From thefashionlover_magazine on instagram

    97BEE50B-27A3-44E4-97B2-F9D85A04B164.jpeg 009ACC03-5C88-4EAB-B6C7-0F52D3EB01C4.jpeg FE933FB1-5422-4CF0-BF07-165293689D49.jpeg 36E10B3B-4499-4C97-A790-A15D6D645522.jpeg
  11. Here's a screen grab from the show. Definitely seems smaller based on the placement of the monogram.:
  12. I’m sold I need this love it
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  13. Yay a "nano" version would be the perfect size! I'm wondering whether the damier version is smaller or regular size...
  14. The Bags

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  15. cont.

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