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  1. I am a big fan of different takes on the classic monogram. I don't want to buy all the versions, but they definitely make me smile. I want the white neonoe, I just hope it's more white and less cream than it looks.
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  2. I never understand this! Do you think people buy these bags at the higher price on those websites since there are layaway options (after pay, etc.)? I can't fathom paying a chanel price for a louis canvas bag. Ever.
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  3. It's crazy. I don't get the massive prices either, considering they have so many listed. Not like they are creatinga scarcity market. :doh:
  4. Maybe (just theorising):graucho: Nieman Marcus are using FP to sell high demand products above retail? Just seems like FP inventory has increased a lot since they announced their partnership.
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  6. Interesting theory.... it would make sense a bit. Wouldn't be the first time a retailer did something shady :smile:
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  7. I'm not one to like the bold seasonal prints (I've ranted plenty about them on here - lol!) but something about the leopard giant appeals to me. I travel a lot for work, so I may get the black neverfull to spice up my travel bag situation.
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  8. I think for items that are still at the store or you have some chance of getting online it definitely does not make sense to go pay double the cost on Fashionphile. There are many other items that are so difficult to find at the store (long waitlist) or a unicorn to find online that people may not have a choice but to pay a premium if they wanted the item. I’ve never purchased from Fashionphile. The prices are really outrageous at 100% or sometime even 150% markup. I don’t know that I’d want something that badly to pay at a minimum twice the price. I’d rather spend 6 months stalking it online lol. But to each their own :smile:
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  9. Any news about the Christmas/Holiday edition of this year yet? Thanks in advance!
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  10. They're all a lot haha, but at the same time I am completely in love :heart::biggrin: So far probably my favourite seasonal print!
    Not sure if I'd buy any of them though, I'm a bit worried they'll look dated in a while.. But for now - love it :P
  11. I love the Giant Jungle pieces but I do not have the swag to pull those off IRL :sad:
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  12. 346 today
    It's like no one is actually carrying these items just reselling
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  13. The noe bags are making me dizzy and confusing me like a lion looking for prey.
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  14. Lol - they better hurry as another hot seasonal collection is always around the corner...
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