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  1. Does anyone know if there will be a new empriente color for fall? I missed papyrus so am hoping for a dark camel....
  2. Anyne have pictures of the new 'emerald green' Milla coming out for the fall? TY.
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  3. Is there any more intel on the Giant Jungle collection? I'm dying to see all of the pieces.
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  4. Has anyone a picture of the new Mini City Steamer LVBerty (with all the flowers) beside the official product photos? Would love to see one! I‘m stalking Instagram and tpf for weeks now but nothing
  5. but thank you anyways
  6. On the go

    7E4EC225-B7F5-4E54-AAE9-7CDF621A1075.jpeg 71EB6705-7C3B-467F-8114-05A43263CC7C.jpeg 8E3326CA-7976-41B9-85CB-03993F3C4D8B.jpeg 4C66A17C-D4CD-447D-9A5D-966D36BFFB83.jpeg 993D7576-7352-4409-BFB0-63D84397264D.jpeg
  7. Neonoe, neverfull, beach pouch, and twinset. I have my eye on the white neonoe.

    89C96079-C214-40A2-9E0A-319A7AD189BD.jpeg 48069B5F-DDD9-4CB9-A934-E8B911D85FC5.jpeg 8D9F2F73-DB5A-4CA2-92DC-AB436D6785AF.jpeg 51079BBC-4E6B-41B6-8AB7-66671B35A612.jpeg DE4151C1-C6A6-4114-A010-1DD639224C07.jpeg 4946A246-5474-4EA1-BDEE-96D502BF4573.jpeg 362D14FC-1B45-49F8-88AB-3C02E612226E.jpeg F638981B-6D92-4D78-B66C-0F683737D3BB.jpeg FE318CC2-983C-40DC-8914-6B809F1769C6.jpeg
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  9. :panic:. I guess these will end up like the first Giant release... on Fashionphile. Seriously, I can't believe how many are listed... 299 pieces. Mind boggling.
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  10. 299 pieces of Mono Géant are on Fashionphile??? That's insane!
    I guess everybody is trying to make a buck by flipping these seasonal releases!
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  11. Yep. I had to check twice coz I thought my ipad was frozen. Lol.
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  12. I can't decide whether I really like or really hate the Giant Leopard...
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  13. Yep, with this new system LV has going for new releases it's creating a debacle on there. There's a souple boite chapeau for $5k when I can walk into the store and buy one.
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