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  1. #331 Jun 14, 2019
    Last edited: Jun 14, 2019
    as of today +50...CRAZY...LV gets money...why would they ever care where their bags end up if the bank accounts are full?...Fashionphile, Neiman Marcus, they are only resellers presenting themselves like a honest business helping you your addiction only to grow and they take your money with a smile...I would not be surprised if LV make a business with them. They have so many items which are very hard to get, but they show up on FP and NM...Very weird. This is only a good deal for them, not for us. Luxury bags or other luxury items will never make anyone happy, that is a myth and they are only milking our bank accounts with an ease. Buy. Sell. Repeat. It is that easy!
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  2. +1!
    Yes I'm dying to know what it will be and what items will have it too. Trying to be good with this wait and see game isn't easy. :angel:
  3. I’m dying to find out too!! Fingers crossed for something adorable (and no animals this year ;)
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  5. Foxylv keeps saying it’s amazing lol
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  6. She and I have VERY different tastes so I'm holding out to see it on my own. Perhaps there is common ground that LV can reach!
    I like the info she provides but really can't stand her posts. Again, she has good info though so I keep following her...
  7. She's grown a little... obnoxious lately, for lack of a better word. The whole "I can't share what I know right because I'll get cut off from my source" thing is weird (and I think it's untrue but used to build suspense).
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  8. I agree. There’s also a bit too much humble bragging for my taste. I stay away from her Q&A stories and her “Let’s talk about _________” posts.
  9. I also agree. I just look at the photos and stay away from all the commentary.
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  10. More jungle intel. The Neverfull will be priced at $1740.

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  11. WHAT. I’d seen the neonoe was going to be like $1400. I’m going to pass on this one.
  12. Does anyone know what the price would be on the Jungle beach pouch? Also should I pre-order it on 7/2 as well? Not really sure how the pre-order process works.. :confused1:
  13. Pre-orders will happen on 7/2. So you need to know an SA at a store to order the bags on that time, for shipment in August. Likely have to pay for the bag in full before it ships.

    More pricing attached. This style is way too big for me but it’s cute.

    Other than the neonoe, neverfull and on the go tote I was told the rest will be SLGs.
  14. If you need to have it, then I would preorder. I’m assuming it’ll be around $880 like the others
  15. Photos...

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