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  1. Do you mind posting pics? My black is enroute to lv for a new zipper pull and I just ordered the red epi preloved for a song and am not so patiently waiting! It should be here in about a week so any picture inspiration appreciated!
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  2. 20190914_085611_mh1568422974204.jpg
    I'm in the club! :love:
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  4. In LVoe with my Cannes! LRM_EXPORT_46424369305934_20190814_144253632.jpeg
  5. Thank you :love:
  6. In the Club! Just got this Cannes in Rouge today at New Bond Street in London. It wasn't even on my radar, just wanted to get myself a treat for my birthday in a couple weeks. It was more than I wanted to spend definitely, but it was love at first sight.

    Anyone having problems with the zipper? It seems a bit tough to zip and unzip, but the hassle is worth it.

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  7. I just got it today, and it does seem a bit tough to open and close, but the SA said it will get easier with time - here's hoping :smile: Did you buy one? How do you like it?