LV Cannes Club

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  1. Hello!

    Just want to start a Thread (Club) for LV Cannes Handbag!! :heart: :heart: :heart:
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  2. My purchase!

    *LV Cannes Reverse :heart:


    Thanks! :heart: :smile:
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  3. My gorgeous Black Epi Cannes :heart:
    Have used it alot IMG_7352.JPG IMG_4327.JPG more than I thought I would and would love another one :smile: hoping they bring it out in a pink shade :love:
  4. I don’t use it often but I love this bag! Oooh I would love one in pink too!
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  5. 20190216_155113.jpg
  6. Beautiful Black Epi Cannes !! :heart: :heart: :heart: I like the style and size for Cannes bag!
    I'm thinking a little about the black as well. :biggrin:
    A pink would be fine now in spring and summer !! Fingers crossed ;) lol
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  8. Hi! I’ve been trying to get my hand on this bag for forever. I saw them in store a few times but I am now obsessed with the reverse monogram and now I can’t find it! Do you think they’ll stop producing this bag?
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  9. Hi they had one in Neiman Marcus Roosevelt Field for quite some time now. I’m not sure if it’s still there but I’ve admired it many times. I was there on Wednesday and it was still there - so maybe give them a call.
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  10. My Cannes on recent visit to LV Bond Street with new A La Folie BB Bandeau :heart:
  11. Can I join the club with a vintage Cannes? Just found one and it’s arriving later this week! I so love this style, and this will be my first very structured bag. Do any of you have other structured LV’s or was this your first?
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  12. If you’re willing to go preloved there’s about 6 on Fashionphile right now!
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  13. For those who own this do you find it hard to open and close it when worn? thanks
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  14. Double post
  15. Available on the US site right now
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