LV Cannes Club

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  1. Why don’t you change it out for a longer strap?
  2. That's a good idea. Thanks
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  3. After 2 months on waiting list, I"m finally in the club! LRM_EXPORT_167600115952538_20190723_135504357.jpeg
  4. So cute!
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  5. Thank you!
  6. Is the Cannes a permament style now?

    It was considered seasonal/ limited edition when I wanted to buy it last year.
  7. Casual day with my cannes bag

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  8. Yesssss!
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  9. Hi all, i am contemplating between the Cannes in Epi leather and reverse monogram, especially when the prices aren't different by much, considering one is leather and the other is canvas. May i know if anyone has the Epi leather Cannes and is it easy to take care? Also, is the Epi leather version harder/ more structured than the reverse monogram version?I also noticed the back of the bag (both versions) is a piece of smooth leather, is it prone to scratch? Thanks!
  10. The bag is gorgeous. How are you finding it if you don’t mind me asking. I’m thinking of buying one too, but a bit concerned abt the fact that it’s round and might be uncomfortable as it rolls around, and also the awkward zip top opening. Any feedback would be great. Also, is it heavy when it is fully loaded or you have your things in there?
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  11. Nice!!! I’m loving the vintage Cannes bags, I think I wanna grab one soon!
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  12. Thanks for asking, I’m having the same reservations!
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  13. I just picked one up and it is the coolest bag I’ve ever seen. It does seem awkward to wear and use. How are people finding it for daily use?
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  14. fast forward a few days, and I've worn it out a few times and have never received more compliments. The zipping is a bit of a pain but the bag holds a lot! Also the handle makes it so easy to carry.
  15. Nice! I received mine and I love the vintage size more than my new reverse mono Cannes bag.