LV and resorts

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  1. I agree, I don't travel with many bags. I will usually take a regular size and my pochette for evenings. I leave the pochette in the safe during the day, and put the other one in the closet, covered with things. I even take out all my CC's except for one (before the trip) and take very little jewelry. But I realize that I err on the side of um, paranoid!!
  2. P-B I'm glad that you had a great vacation!
    How was the resort and weather?
  3. Yes, Chablis, we had a great time!! Thanks for asking.

    howardu09 - thanks for your words of wisdom and reassurances!! That was sweet.

    jellybebe and missbanff - you think like my DH; he only wanted me to take one. And I did conceal it -- in a locked suitcase as suggested by the wonderful members here.

    shopalot - the resort was so-so (don't think I'd go to Sandals ever again -- it was my first time, but that's another thread, eh?) but the weather was fantastic!! It only rained once.
  4. This is great, I am getting ready to go to a JW Marriott resort (leaving Friday 5/16) and I have been hemming and hawing (is that how you spell it) over whether to bring my speedy. I think I will.... :smile:
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    I just got back from Hawaii and took my Mirage Noir speedy and two pouchettes. We just stayed in an average hotel, of course I hid them under clothes in my suitcase, and all was fine.

    Now there are some places I wouldn't recommend bringing them at all unless you put them in your carry on - like British Virgin Islands or Grenada- both those places I had stuff (clothes, small electronics, shoes- not even expensive stuff!) stolen out of my suitecase at the airport. Good thing I had always been good about putting expensive stuff in my carry-on.
  6. jcash - take it, the Speedies were perfect for daytime for me.

    Missrocks - No matter where I travel everything of value comes with me on carryon (jewelry & purses). I also don't check the LV luggage itself. I use it as one of my carryon items. I'm glad you and your Mirage gad fun in Hawaii! I really, really, really regret missing the Mirage bandwagon. It's so beautiful!