LV and resorts

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  1. I will be traveling with my Keepall 55, Azur and Mono Speedies, and Epi and Mono accessories pochettes. I will have one pochette and one Speedy with me at all times during the day, and at night probably just a pochette (or other small purse). DH thinks I should not take that much with me to decrease the possibility of theft by resort workers. I usually don't but this time I want to bring them all. How do you safeguard your goodies at the resort while you're on vaca?
  2. Keep them under the bed, thats what I do. :shrugs:
  3. I just keep my items in the closet. :shrugs: Although I must say I only bring one or two designer bags with me at a time.
  4. I think it depends on the hotel...I've left a $2300 Chanel bag lying on the bed (stupidly) and have never had a problem. Have fun!
  5. ^^ Sandals Royal Bahamian. I don't know I just want to bring them all! And the Keepall (obviously) has to stay behind at all times.

    lecolquitt and LisaG719, do you keep them in plain view or put things on top of them (as cruel as that is) to hide them? Like maybe I can fold them down, put in dustbags and cover with clothes??
  6. Although I tend to trust people who are in the hospitality industry, for safeguarding items too larage for a wall safe, try locking the items in a suitcase and just put it in the closet or under the bed. Keep the keys with you.
  7. If I were you I would hide them somehow, maybe in the safe if it is big enough (unlikely) or in the cupboard behind some clothes. I'm saying this because I remember reading a while back, a woman had her Keepall she left in her hotel room switched for a fake one by the staff ( I believe it was at the Peninsula in New York). Just keep them out of sight. I also say this because if the resort is made up of ground floor room/villa things, unscrupulous people might be able to see inside through the windows and might be tempted to take your things if they are in plain view.

    Having said that, don't worry about your bags! I'm sure they'll be fine as long as they aren't on display :biggrin:
  8. Thanks Tefhel and Judy,

    It's a fantastic idea to put in a large suitcase and lock it and take keys with me. I will probably have to bend the Keepall a bit so it can fit, but I'll feel much better about that.

    That fake switch thing is insane! And you're right about not advertising that they're there in the first place. I'm not too worried, thanks!!
  9. You're welcome :biggrin: And yeah, the lady didn't even know it was a fake (since her bag had a light patina) until she had got home and brought in her keepall to be repaired, luckily she eventually got her money back from the hotel though.
  10. You shouldn't have a problem folding the Keepall. We have a 50 and it really flattens down to nothing. Have fun on your vacation!
  11. I have always kept valuables in my suitcase locked up, although all resort workers are bonded, I can understand your concern with your precious items!

    Have a great holiday BTW!

  12. I have never hid them and I just keep them in our room with all of our other luggage and souveniers and have never had a problem. We travel a lot and I always bring my favorite Louis Vuitton bags/totes and luggage. I always feel that as much as I love them they are just things and if someone takes them then I feel bad for them that they are like that. What a sad life they must have! So...bring them and enjoy them~ That's why you have them! Have a great time in the Bahamas!!!!
  13. I try not to take more than 1 or 2 bags...just in case...
  14. I was in Italy 2 years ago and got my stuff stolen at a hotel. Thank God I did not bring any of my LVs. I didnt know my things were stolen until I got back to CA. Maybe I did not stay at a higher end hotel. So, becareful with your bags and I would not take too much with me. maybe one or two.
  15. omg. thats such a scary thought. when one leaves their belongings one expects the house/roomkeepers to respect. ITS SUCH A LOW THING TO DO!!