LV and resorts

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  1. My 2 friends now bring a bicycle lock and key and they put their LV's ect. in a big suitcase and lock it with the bicycle chain around the handle or some other part and lock it to the hanging part of the closet rod or a piece of furniture. I know this sounds strange but they have had things stolen before as well as some friends and relatives.
    I was missing some clothing once when we went to the islands but did not know until I unpacked at home.
    It does seem to me that you are bringing way too many bags on vacation. You don't need that much. A pochette for night and larger bag for day. Why worry about someting getting damaged or robbed? Vacations are for relaxing and to me less is more expecially at a beach resort.
  2. Tefhel, I'm surprised they didn't disclaim responsibiltiy; at least the person got thier money back.

    Thanks Judy & Baggers, sounds like the best plan that will work for me since leaving them home will be so hard for me to do. But DH will probably force the issue anyway.

    Chablis - I agree with your philosophy. You don't want to know how many things I've had stolen, lost, or destroyed in a flood (almost my entire high-end purse collection inc. vintage items my mother gave me). But once they're gone, I never really worry too much or get upset. But in this case DH would say "I told you so" and then his PHH (purse hating husband) nature would shine through and he'll probably never buy anything for me ever again :crybaby:. I'm exaggerating but you KWIM.

    mariah9999 - I know; I know. You sound like my DH. But I want to bring them. I hate being practical all the time ...

    precious gucci - Sorry that happened to you. I think Sandals is pretty decent (as far as the Bahamas goes anyway) and we're staying in a premium level suite so it shouldn't be a problem. But, hey you never know ...

    clearstatic - Isn't it crazy?? I didn't even think of it until DH told me I have to decide what to take. It's lower than low - - an absolute abuse of power and invasion of someone else's property.

    gilliana - Your friends are hardcore; wow! Now if I did that DH would say I shouldn't have brought that many in the first place .... which is what you ultimately advised. But I feel like I bought them to use them, KWIM? And part of that is me going on vaca. But maybe it's not worth the worry ... :thinking:
  3. I lock LV's inside one of that sturdy samsonite suitcases.
  4. i keep it in a closet.
  5. I usually only bring one LV bag with me for my holiday and bring it with me everytime I leave the room.

    For expensive accessories and shoes, I usually use the hotel safe in my room or at the front desk.
  6. Thanks for the suggestions guys!
  7. I usually travel with a substantial amount of designer bags and jewelry - I tend to put my jewelry in the in-room safe. I travel with an additional suitcase which holds only my bags and shoes - So I leave this locked in the closet. My items are also insured, so if any theft is to occur, I will be reimbursed the full value of the item(s).

    You need to be especially careful in the Bahamas - There have been many reports of in-house thefts in the major resorts. I would suggest putting the "DND" on the door and leaving the television on when you are not in the room. I would also suggest limiting the amount of time you allow employees into the room, I.E. Calling House Keeping every other day or every 2 days and ask them to bring more towels or turn down the bed when necessary.

    You should stash your belongings in the closet and not allow them to see that you have anything of value. Toss dirty clothing on top of your closeted suitcases to disguise them. Also, stacking your suitcases and putting folded clothing on top often deters thieves - They don't want you to notice your things out of place.

    The thefts usually occur the night before or day of check out, they bank on you not noticing things missing or you are too busy to worry about recovering the items (flight to catch, etc).

    Have fun!!
  8. First of all not everybody recognizes it.... secondly, sorry, but if we start like that we would have to change our wardrobe and everything... if there are really theft on the resort, they certainly won't only care for bags.... I mean I guess it's the only thing you take with you that has value... and what is if somebody brakes into your house while your on vacation and takes all the bags.... then you'd be upset you didn't take them with you.... I mean we all love bags, that's what we are here for, but to face the truth we're talking about bags not... I don't know.... children.... or whatever... know what I mean??? It's like not leaving the house because you'Re scared of getting into anaccident... it can ALWAYS happen, at home, on the street, in a resort.... I don't mean to scare you, but you bought the bags because to carry them, to be happy to have them and vacations are such a happy time so why shouldn't your bags join it??? ^^
  9. I am so sorry.... I meant "I guess it is NOT the only thing you take with you that has value...."....

    Oh my gosh.... Really, that was not on purpose...... -_-
  10. This is what I do. But as someone else said, I limit the expensive bags that I carry when I travel like that.
  11. ^^ Thanks nathansgirl! Yeah, I took them all and locked it up and it was fine. :smile: We are all back safe and sound!
  12. Thanks for the update! I'm so glad everything worked out. Did you have a nice time? Hope so!
  13. Congrats. Hope you enjoy your vaca. I am in the hospitality industry and have worked at different luxury boutique hotels in DC and have never had any theft issues. However, on each occasion that a guest claimed a loss (not necessarily theft), the hotel has agreed to cover it without any issues.

    I have also stayed at numerous hotels with LV luggage/accessories and never had any problems. And not all of these hotels were 4-5 star/resort types..LOL...

    I think you should take them all and enjoy them. Store them in the closet. Room attendants usually never even go in the closets, or if they open it and see that its neatly organized they won't bother snuffling through your things.
  14. Excellent!!!:wlae:
  15. I would definitely try to conceal my LV, as there was a member on here with a horror story about her keepall getting switched while she was staying at a hotel. There are some really sneaky people out there!