"Loving My Bags for Handles Only" Cream-Opinions

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  1. Following. Am just finding out about LMB and am curious about the effects, too.
  2. I found this review too late, but its better late than never! Thank you!!
  3. I am going to order the set, too. Thank you for the review.
  4. Will this product work in already patina vachetta handles?? I bought a preloved keepall bandouliere and the handle has slight cracking.. I want to find a way to prevent it from further cracking..
  5. hi ladies, I'm going to echo a couple unanswered questions:
    1. will my bag still patina even if I use the LMB kit? I love the patina but also want to keep my leather nice and protected
    2. will this work on already patinaed vachetta? I bought a pre-loved keepall and want to start protecting that.
    3. how often should I reapply?
  6. Hello All,
    Have any of you used the new LMB by Barbara vachetta kit? And For handles only?
    I've watched a lot of videos on this subject and it really protected new bags from water and oil damage. Also, the cleaning of bags with damage was amazing. The video compared apple grade to LMB.
    First, I'm wondering how anyone is liking the treatment on new bags after using it? In the videos it did not darken the vachetta at all and it still patinas. Second, Barbara says you can use the conditioner on LV canvas for protection and from dye transfer from fabrics such as denim. Has anyone used either product?
    The removal of water marks and stains on bags was pretty astounding.
    I've ordered the LMB vachetta kit and for handles only. I'm debating on pre-treating my turenne mm as at this point I'm too afraid to use her and get damage when she's new.

    Annemarie195 - yes, your bags will still patina. Check out the lovin my bags site, contact them, or they will do the initial application for you. Barbara does a video on what treatments are best for each bag brand. For LV, it's the vachetta kit.
    Thank you for your input!
  7. Annemarie195 - yes your bags will still patina using this. If you have any doubt, go to lovin my bags by Barbara and watch their videos, email them or call.
  8. Is there an online site for this Loving my bags? I'd like to try some
  9. Just wondered if you ever found anything to help moisturize your bag and help with the dryness and cracking..I just ordered lmb cleaner and conditioner and hoping it helps my bag!
  10. I just bought the full set to protect a new bag, but shipping is so slow - I purchased it on the first and it's still not even at usps. I am way too excited to use my new bag.
  11. I'm not exactly sure how to use this forum but I noticed that you have the Louis Vuitton Neo Noe Noir as your profile picture and I bought that purse a few weeks ago. I love the purse. But I have heard rumors that the strap Is defected. Have you heard this or noticed anything? My best friend had to have hers replaced within a week but she had the pink one and the straps were definitely defected. Have you heard this or noticed anything?
  12. I heard that the "defect" with the straps is that some had stitching and others didnt. Having or not having the stitching did not affect the fuctionality of the bag, just preference.

    Unlesss there was another defect that happened, as far as what ive heard and seen is what i mentioned.
  13. Before and after when i used LMB for my montsouris gm backpack. it didnt lighten it much.. the lighting made it look like it did but it took away the water marks.

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  14. Update to my own comment:

    I bought it and used the LMB and it did clean it up a bit and the conditioner did help it a bit but cant say if it will prevent further cracking.