"Loving My Bags for Handles Only" Cream-Opinions

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  1. I just got "Loving My Bags for Handles Only" Cream and "Kiwi Protect -all" that I intend to use on vachetta of my Speedy. Do you have experience with the "Loving My Bags for Handles Only" Cream? I recieved it today and kind of scared of using it. Also, how do you use it? I was going to apply cream first and then maybe the next day spray it with "Kiwi Protect-all".
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  2. "Loving My Bags for Handles Only" Cream- I have never heard of it!

    I have used the Kiwi protectall and I really cant rave about it enough, anyone who has vachetta on their bags should use it!
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  3. I am oh-so scared to put anything on my vachetta, but would love to try something for my new Artsy MM handle, should I....or shouldn't I?
  4. Hi, CGS, how does your kiwi protectall protect the vachetta on your LV bags? I've heard that some protectants might cause the vachetta to darken a bit.. also how often do you have to apply this protectant? Thanks!
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  5. id love to know this as well i just got my 1st preloved l.v. and wanna make sure i do everything right!
  6. I use Lovinmybags For Handles Only cream on almost all my bags with vachetta (except Galliera for fear that it may smear the brass rings) and I LOVE it! It protects the vachetata against oil and dirt beautifully - this is especially evident on brand new bags. The vachetta on my Tivoli PM and WC pap for instance is still a light, even, clean patina after almost a year (I use them roughly once a week). Just be extra careful not to apply too much at one go, especially to area near the yellow stitching and any hardware.

    For pre-loved LVs, I always clean the vachetta with baby wipes first and allow it to dry completely before apply any FHO cream. This is important or else any existing dirt may be "locked in" if the cream is applied straightaway. And of course, it may not do much to bags with dark or very dark patina.
  7. Where do you get this stuff?
  8. Anyone else have any experience with this product? I wonder if the cleanser is any good.

    Yikkie, could you possibly post pics of your Tivoli and WC? I'm really anxious to see what this ends up looking like. Thanks!
  9. Ok, I finally have decided to use the cream. The results are great! The vachetta is still light.
  10. Here are the "Before" and "After" pics. You can't really see the difference. But vachetta seems kind of "protected" looking to me.

    First picture from the left is "before" it was treated and other pics are "after".

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  11. Is this to deepen the patina on the handles? I saw on youtube how tire spray makes the handles a deep brown..
  12. No, it is to protect the vachetta from water stains, oil and dirt.
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  13. It doesn't look like it's darkened your vachetta at all! Do you feel like its darkened it after it dried?
  14. I think the vachetta got a little darker, you can't really see it on pictures. But I have to tell you, it does look beautiful with a slight caramel color. Overall, I am pleased with the results.:biggrin: At least I don't feel paranoid about touching the vachetta anymore, it looks like it is protected now.:graucho: