"Loving My Bags for Handles Only" Cream-Opinions

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  1. Did anybody from Europe ordered from the site? I would love to know how much shipping is and how long it takes. Didn't see anything about it on the website.
  2. M'y sister ordered to be delivered in France, it took about 10 days and shopping was not too bad
  3. That's great, 10 days is pretty fast. Thank you so much for the fast reply.
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    This thread has definitely confused me:L I am a fan of the light vachetta and would love to prolong it or even slow down the tanning process but I also want to protect an clean my bag so I was wondering what products to use:/ does anyone have any before and after pics that would help me see the color change on new/light vachetta?:smile:
  5. Thank you so much for this information!
  6. For those that have had this product and used it: can you use paper towels as the cleaning cloths? My housekeeper threw my 3 microfiber clothes my vachetta kit came with!
  7. I have used plain white power towels for light cleaning but when I want to go a bit heavier (for spots or marks), I apply the cleanser to a piece of magic eraser and lightly clean, wiping off any excess cleanser with paper towels once complete.
  8. I didn't used to, but now use LMB on all my LV Vachetta. Esp. the bottom of such bags as the Noe, which is all Vachetta, really benefit from it. I was paranoid about the bottom vachetta until I protected it with LMB. I think it's a good idea, even tho there are pros and cons.
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    Thanks! I went out and bought a thin microfiber cleaning cloth from target and its def not the same. I might just reorder a kit. I emailed barbara at lovin my bags twice asking if i can purchase replacement cloths but no response
  10. I just purchased a White Multicolor Alma that will be in desperate need of some TLC when it arrives. The canvas will need a freshening up and handles will definitely need an overhaul as they are quite dark especially in the middle where we mostly carry our bags.

    Has anyone used these products on a white multi lv bag?
    What products do you think I will need?

    Also what about the inside of the bag? Has anyone used any of the products on the inside of their bags to clean the lining ?
  11. I am not familiar with lovinmybags products for handles. However, I've used the LV Vachetta kit to clean, protect and condition all of my vachetta leather. The products do a nice job, but you will definitely need more than the one or two sponges that ship with the kit. I averaged (1) sponge per handbag, depending upon the size and amount of leather. Needless to say, I ran out quick and had to purchase additional sponges and microfiber cloths. Also, I repeated the cleaning process two or three times, before I protected and conditioned the leather on my Alma, Mini Noe, Cabas Mezzo & Alto. If you plan on cleaning the leather more than once, I recommend purchasing an extra cleanser with your kit.

    After the 3-step process was complete, Alma never looked so good! I hadn't carried her in a couple of years, so I decided to sell her on ebay. I bought her pre-loved and I paid $425 ~ I am proud to see I fetched over $750 for her...When my products run out, I may try Apple Guard, because it's much cheaper than the lovinmybags.com kit, which is $60.00.

    I spent my husband's hard earned money on a: Monogram Canvas Speedy 35, Trouville, Deauville, Delightful, Cabas Mezzo & Alto, Sac Tote GM, Mini Looping, Croissant MM, Mini Noe, Compiegne GM 28, Vintage Cosmetic Pouch, Agenda MM, Vintage Saks Checkbook Cover, Etui Cles Peasge, French Purse, Flat Coin Purse, Vintage Checkbook Wallet, Stephen Sprouse Graffiti Khaki Pochette Porte Monnaie Wallet, Vintage Saks Pouch Wallet, Keepall 60, French Co Garment Bag Luggage, Sac Souple 45, Centenaire Damier Soho Backpack, and EPI Dauphine Brown Cosmetic Bag….

    My Wish List: Monogram Canvas Alma MM, Alma Voyager, Limited Edition Vachetta Leather Mini Noe, Monogram Canvas Vintage Chantilly PM, Centenaire Damier Cruiser 45 Bag, Damier Azur Siracusa, Damier Azur & Ebene Matching Accessories…
  12. Okay so barbara from lovin my bags is awesome!

    She solved my dillema! I ordered 8 extra microfiber clothes

    If any of you have the product and dont have the clothes please get the clothes! It def helps!

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  13. Just purchased the vachetta protection and the vachetta cleanser. I'm kind of excited to use it on my new speedy. I've been waiting for it to get here before i took my speedy out to use! I live in hawaii and its been raining a lot lately, so i dont want any waterspots!
    In your experience has the protection worked well with preventing water spots? im nervous! :hrmm:
  14. I have never been caught in a downpour with my LVs but in the event I have gotten some drops of water on the handles of my bags from not drying my hands thoroughly after washing, the spots have dried with no watermarks. During my last trip to the dentist, he thought he was being polite by retrieving my Totally for me from the purse hook but his hands were wet after washing up. There were water spots all over the handles but they didn't leave any marks after drying. I used the LMB cleanser upon arriving home (cause I'm a germphone:smile:) and applied another coat of the protector and the handles look clean and new.

  15. Great! Good luck! Hope you love it as much as I do :smile: