Love cuff owners: did you ever regret not getting the bangle?

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  1. Anyone wears a cuff and a bangle together? I bought a cuff but I am having second thoughts, I do not know if return it and pay the difference for a bangle or use the cuff and in the future get the bangle. My only concern with the bangle is that I would be in constant fear that it might fall. Any opinions?
  2. @luxebaglover--- IMO unless there's something that prevents you from having a bangle-- like some jobs or activities where you can't always wear your piece; I definitely suggest the bangle. It's more comfortable and I think it looks better as it fits a little more loosely and you can put it up the arm, plus it's classic. The cuff seemed so snug and uncomfortable to me.
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  3. Thank you for your input! I did take the plunge and got the bangle instead! I am so happy!
  4. I regret getting the full Loves in all three metals. Wish I had the cuffs instead.
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  6. Hey!! Do you use the bangle and the cuff together? I have the bangle and thinking about getting a cuff, but I'm afraid, I dont know if they are going to match
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  7. I love my cuff and don't regret it one bit. I can't wear jewelry 24/7 and love the versatility of the much so that I'm considering adding a second one....
  8. Yeah wanted to chime in and agree. The cuff is awesome, so glad I got it [emoji4]. I love it but worry about stacking it for fear of scratching it. I wonder if it scratches less with cuffs in the same size??? Anybody know?

    And which cuff are you considering adding to your existing one? Just curious.
  9. My daily jewelry consists of a YG Love Cuff, a trinity ring (classic size) and 2ct diamond stud earrings. I will occasionally wear my YG Cartier Tank Louis, and/or a YG diamond bangle. I’m torn between getting a panthere Watch in SS, a VCA bracelet (vintage Alhambra) or a WG or RG Love Cuff. I’m trying to buy just one or two more pieces to round out my “everyday jewelry” Look haha!
  10. I love the rose cuff with pink sapphire so beautiful, if I could I buy it too 》》

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  11. Are you planning on wearing the VCA with the Love?

    I absolutely adore my VCA Alhambra bracelet in MOP. It's a great bracelet but I don't like stacking it because I'm worried about it getting damaged. And yes it does tangle a bit as I tried it once for 30 min.

    Great everyday choices!
  12. I dont regret it, like many people said it fits my lifestyle better and also it looks amazing alone or even stacked with other bracelets.
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  13. Hi everyone!! :heart: :heart: I am excited to purchase my very first Cartier piece and I can’t decide between the love bracelet and the bangle. Did any of you ever purchase the bracelt and regretted not getting the cuff and vice versa?? Please any opinions and comments will definitely help as I would like this to be one of my forever pieces :heart:

    I tried on the 16 bracelet and the 17 cuff, so it’ll be one of the two :sad: Thank you SO SO much!!! :heart: :heart: #purseforum
  14. Both yellow gold :smile: :smile:
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    ....I bought my YG bangle last it with out a doubt...never crossed my mind to buy the cuff..I knew exactly what I wanted before I arrived at the boutique..if you’re thinking about the cuff you may want to check out how it lays with another cuff should you decide you want to stack it down the road...I don’t know how well two love cuffs work together, I’m sure others on these threads would know. Personally, I would get the bangle...but you should try both if you’re not sure, you will make the right choice for you..Good luck!
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