Love cuff owners: did you ever regret not getting the bangle?

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  1. Could you possibly post a picture of your two cuffs together? Thanks!
  2. I reconsider. I wish I had two bangles.
  3. @nikkisabaggirl what do you currently have?
  4. I started out with the full bangle, but got tired of taking it on and off. So I sold it and bought the cuff. I love it. I wish I would have gotten it the first place!!
  5. I have a YG bangle and a PG cuff.
  6. I have the PG bangle and I want to get a YG cuff, do you not recommend? @nikkisabaggirl
  7. I don't, just being really honest. I wore mine on opposite wrists because they don't stack well. I tried to convince myself I liked it. I hate to admit I was wrong. Haha! Definitely stack with another bangle. I have been thinking of letting mine go for another bangle. However, just moved across country so waiting for things to calm down, I have bigger priorities with selling and purchasing a new home. But maybe go try it on also. There are some that love it. I don't hate it, I just don't love it and at these prices I think you should love it. Good luck deciding.
  8. Thank you nikkisabaggirl ! :smile: yeah I want to stack but I'm afraid if i have two bangles they'll get really scratched from stacking, so I considered wearing them on opposite wrists too. It's just a big decision, I wish I could try out both options for a week. Hhaha too bad it isn't possible. Also, since my bracelet is fairly new it's still in pretty good condition, so since i already don't have a ton of scratches I'm trying to hold off on those as long as possible. How long apart did you get your two bracelets?
  9. I think I got them within six months of each other. But to be honest, I don't even know how some people get patina on theirs. I have had mine for a few years now and they are both still really shiny. Two bangles of the same size wouldn't scratch as they wouldn't be able to slide over one another. I will say that the bangle will slide over the cuff and scratch it. I use a soft cloth to keep mine clean and I cannot see scratches unless I really look for them.
  10. Thanks @nikkisabaggirl --- yeah I've managed to take care of my bracelet really well without being over paranoid, I enjoy it but I dont have a ton of scratches either.
  11. Your very welcome. Good luck with your decision. :smile:
  12. I initially bought the cuff because I wanted it to stay at my wrist and not move like the bangle would, but then during my pregnancies my wrists ballooned a little which made the cuff extremely uncomfortable. So I decided to go for the full bangle...the cuff just sits in a drawer now...i would really have rather owned 2 bangles if i were to have made 2 purchases.
  13. Me too, I started with a YG cuff a few years ago. I realized quickly, that I liked the look of the bangle more and started saving up for it last year. My cuff sits in the drawer too, last month I bought my bangle in RG, one of my best decisions ever.
  14. No ,not all. I like taking all my jewelry at the end of the day so the bracelet will not work for me. I also found a trick to take it on and off easily. It also layers well with other jewelry.
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  15. I just love my cuff in WG with 1 diamond! It looks so bright and shiny after 1 year. No regrets for sure! I can't have jewelry on all day long, not even my E-ring or wedding band so cuff is the best option for me. And I'm hoping to get another cuff in YG with 1 diamond for my birthday in the end of the month:smile:
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