Love cuff owners: did you ever regret not getting the bangle?

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  1. Dear love cuff owners,

    I really like the love collection but I swim 2-3 times a week and go to sauna regularly, so I was thinking of getting the cuff, even if the romantic concept no longer applies to it. Are you all satisfied with your cuff and never need the need to upgrade or did you eventually get a bangle?
  2. Have you tried the both of them on together? My vote is definitely the full bangle, even if you do swim and what not. I think a cuff is a good secondary piece.
  3. Ive had my cuff for the last couple of years. I wear it often but am happy tt I can change up as and when I feel like it so for me, no regrets :smile:
  4. I originally had the full bangle and wore it for a little over a year. I ended up selling because it became apparent that I did not like sleeping with it (or any other jewelry for that matter) on. I have since purchased two cuffs. I love the cuff.....still deciding on my comfort level wearing two with the weight & width. I have no regrets with the cuff vs bangle though. My only concern for you would be exposing the cuff to chlorine - if once in awhile no big deal but if on a regular basis & over time the chlorine can cause porosity and weaken the gold. Good Luck!
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  5. Thanks!!

  6. Wow. Good to hear someone had a change of heart towards cuff. And yes, I'm inclined more to cuff due to my lifestyle. Thanks!
  7. I got the cuff because it's practical and you can take it off when ever you want! I've heard and read that there is a lot of airport security issues, that many people have to travel with the screw to take it off. And also I've read that some bangles fell and get lost. If you swim that often you should considered tighten the screws regularly.
  8. No regrets! It's more about how it fits my lifestyle. I've got other pieces that I wear 24x7, but with a toddler and another baby on the way, I need my hands to be not "busy" all the time. Kwim? I may be more inclined to get thinner love bangles with hinges if it comes out later this year, but I am still going to love my cuff. Good luck with your decision.
  9. Kinda. The cuff isn't as comfortable IMO because either you get it a bit too big and it's really annoying and gets caught on your wrist all the time or you get it at an appropriate size but it feels a little bit too tight.
  10. The cuff also leaves a red mark on your skin each time you put it on.
  11. I have had no issues at all with my skin reddening while taking the cuff off/on. I wore a 16 in the bangle and got 17 for the cuff. I also have never experienced the cuff catching/twisting on my wrist. I think a lot of issues like that may come down to the structure of the wrist.
  12. Not me. I have the cuff and the bangle. I love being able to remove the cuff when I want. I never remove the full bangle.
  13. It gets uncomfy and sweaty in summer at the moment. Can wait for cooler months

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  14. Thanks so much for all your inputs! Greatly appreciated [emoji6]
  15. I definitely regret it! I got the wrong size (16) when 17 would have been more comfortable, plus it's a pain putting it on without getting red marks/welts. I originally convinced myself I would always take it off when I shower and swim, but that's never happened... I only take it off when I travel and I'm paranoid about getting mugged, so that's not that often... Still lusting after the look of the full bangle!
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