Love cuff owners: did you ever regret not getting the bangle?

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  1. Yeah the red welts lasted on my wrist all day and the full size is just way more classic.
  2. Nope - i love my cuffs! i wear 2 cuffs on a daily basis for the last two years(RG and YG) and i love them! i don't get any welts putting them on or taking them off (i am very careful)

    I had bought the full bracelet but ended up selling it eventually. i was putting way too much wear on the screws taking it off and on constantly. I just cant wear any jewelry to sleep - it drives me crazy - not even my wedding bands.

    Both are beautiful pieces - you have to decide what works best for your life style!
  3. Totally agree.....very much a personal decision as to which style works best for you personally.
  4. I owned the love bangle first. After wearing it out to an all day outing, the screw came undone and it was gone. Thankfully
    it is the "old screw system". I ordered the screws and a new cuff on the same day. I like wearing the cuff because it is a "safe" bracelet. I don't wear my Cartier loves daily.
  5. Thanks for all your inputs [emoji7]
  6. I've wanted a love bangle for a few years now on and off due to it having to be almost a permanent piece of jewellery due to screws etc. Unfirtunately due to the nature of my job we are not allowed anything below the elbows other than a wedding band and maybe engagement ring due to infection control. So therefore I would not enjoy my bracelet or would end up having to screw and unscrew it a few times a week.

    Thanks to this forum I am now definitely looking at buying the open love bangle/cuff as it would suit my lifestyle/work life and I would get more wear/enjoyment out of it.

    I am only undecided on whether to start with the yellow gold or white gold as I love the look of both.

    I love this forum 😊
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  7. Good to know this helped u!
  8. I have the rose gold cuff and love it - however, I have sort of regretted not getting the full bracelet but at the same time, the cuff fits my lifestyle better I think. Before purchasing my cuff, I got a cheap stainless steel unbranded look-alike "love" bracelet on eBay in order to see if I liked having it on all the time, and I found out I loved the look and feel but I wanted to remove it when exercising and when doing garden work or cleaning the house.
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  9. I too wish I had gotten the full but more money so got the cuff too. Do u have a pic as luv to see the cuffs.. thank u[emoji1]

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  10. Would you buy in the future a bangle or continue with the cuffs?
  11. Would luv to get a bangle but not now... when money permits

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  12. I considered the two as well but as I read few stories of the screws falling out i knew it would make me paranoid checking the screws all the time. So i went with the safe choice and got the WG cuff. I basically haven't taken it off in over a year and absolutely love it. I'd like to add a YG cuff too sometimes this year... 😊
  13. My favorite part of having my bangle is wearing it always, even if I am just lounging around the house in my pajamas. HA
  14. No. I never regretted once.It is at the correct price point and lifestyle needs for me. I wear it out the whole day and take it off at night. It is snug and secure when you wear the correct size and can swap between arms for different stacking look. It doesnt leave red marks on me either.

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  15. I initially had the bangle but could not stand not being able to take it off easily (eg for work). I now have a cuff and have absolutely no regrets. I also think the cuff fits my wrist better.
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