Love bracelet owners- how long did it take you to get used to wearing 24/7?

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  1. Would love to see a pic of how your love sits on your wrist if that's easy for you to upload?! Helping in the quest to sort this out!!
  2. Haha, not after the Hillary Duff look either! I like the look of the loose fit, it just feels uncomfortable as It does travel around a fair bit due to the bigger size which I find annoying. Am stuck with them so REALLY hope I get used to it ASAP! Do you have any photos of your bracelet to share? Thx so much for your input, it is appreciated!!
  3. I shared a few further up but here's a couple of it at work and at play with me! :P

    Did you go straight from wearing none to wearing two together? Wearing two would definitely be more noticeable/potentially annoying for me haha. I also don't think you'll ever let yourself really forget about them as long as they are forefront in your mind like this, so maybe just give it some time and see if you can adjust to them and if not there's always the option of selling and starting over if you absolutely have to!

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  4. @SashaJustine, Thanks so much for the posting your JUC pics! I think it looks really good on you! Do you like the fit?
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  5. Sweat band! What a great idea. I just nicked mine the other day at the gym when I was putting weights away. :sad:

    It took a couple days to get used to, but now I wear it nonstop. I'll take it off before going on vacation (annoying going through airport security with it on) and my wrist feels naked without it on. Haha.
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  6. Yes, go get a sweatband!! Would never have thought of it if the SA had not advised but now it makes total sense :smile: I travel often for work and so far (in a very short timespan) have not had any issues through going through security!
  7. the Love looks so lovely on you in all your pics!!! Thank you for posting and so pleased you are enjoying :smile:
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  8. LOVE the fit of the JUC -- 16 is perfect and not experiencing any discomfort from it. Already thinking about purchasing another :smile: Highly recommend
  9. Also, yes --purchased the YG love and the WG thin love both together so perhaps that is why I'm having trouble! The YG screws came undone whilst I am travelling for work, so only wearing the WG thin for now. Maybe slowly does it with getting used to wearing them ;)
  10. How does it feel when wearing with a watch? I can never wear things on my right wrist due to work, but my watch is worn daily in my left wrist.
  11. It's pretty comfortable with a watch on but I usually put a "soft" bracelet in between the love bracelet and my watch to prevent scratches and the clanging noise the metals make when they're not buffered.

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  12. Not really an answer to your question, but I moved my watch to my right hand. Getting used to a watch on my right hand was easier to get used to than a Love on it.
  13. Can I ask your wrist size is? I'm literally in the same situation as you were: in-between sizes 16 & 17, and DH is buying it at Heathrow tomorrow, by himself. So no exchanges or returns :sad:

    I tried on the size 16 & 17 bangles a couple of months ago, and I'm still agonizing over the size on a daily basis.

    I thought I had decided on the 17, but your post of making me second guessing myself, again, lol.
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  14. Ironically I'm at the Heathrow Cartier right now picking up another piece. After one week of "getting used" to the bracelet I am SO PLEASED with my 17!!!! I fly frequently and feel the 16 would be too tight, especially in summer and I now love that it is not sooo tight, I enjoy that it has movement and does t look like it is cutting off my circulation . I would say though that it did take a week of freaking out to come to this conclusion! My SA at Terminal 5 just said that they have NO loves without diamonds but they do have the slim loves (2 slims together look so beautiful!). They may have a JUC in a 16 I think. Ask for Steven and say that Sasha advised your DH speak to him, he is great! Good luck and please keep me posted!
  15. That's is awesome photo you took with your love nice picture
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