Love bracelet owners- how long did it take you to get used to wearing 24/7?

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  1. I originally bought an 18 but sold it after a month to go up to a 19. Although the 18 is probably the correct fit for me, I prefer more room. I don't regret going up a size at all. Have you even tried a smaller size? You may not like it.
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  2. Really good to hear. About 3 months ago I tried on the 16 alloy in NY and the SA said 17 was the right fit as 16 too tight. However I'm thinking I may just prefer that comfort-wise. Will go and try on the alloy again, very good point! If I do sell, was there a place you found it easiest to do so in your experience? Would love to see a photo of how your bracelet fits on you for reference!
  3. I sold it via eBay.

    Here is the 18's:
    IMG_8570.JPG IMG_8575.JPG IMG_8576.JPG IMG_8577.JPG
    And 19's:
    IMG_8705.JPG IMG_8803.JPG IMG_8804.JPG

    I really noticed i prefered to size up when I tried stacking 18's.
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  4. Thanks so much for posting the pics -- so useful to see! Your 19s look stunning and sit on you the same slightly looser way that mine do. Will check the 16s again and will look to seek on eBay if needed. Really hoping I just get used to the looser fit! Love the pink gold on you -- will now add that to my wish list.
  5. Thank you! I never thought I'd be a rose gold person but it's quickly becoming my favorite of the three bracelets.
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  6. Yes! Please post a pic of your JUC. My 16 Love bracelet has some movement, in fact I can even rotate it around my wrist with no problem.
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  7. I'm liking that rose gold myself! Am now thinking of getting that one next instead of the white gold to pair with my yellow gold.
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  8. Oh wow -- the 16 love is perfect for you then! Am in India for business so have my JUC in the safe, will be able to post a photo in a few hours for you to review for your potential purchase :smile:
  9. I felt I was in between sizes as well with the 16 and 17cm! I went with the 17 and am very happy with it! I can push it a little further up my arm when typing so it doesn't bang on my desk at all when typing or at work.

    IMG_1500435510.635544.jpg IMG_1500435531.486880.jpg IMG_1500435551.898092.jpg

    Third pic is where I push it up to keep it safer under a longer sleeve or just when it want it to stay out when washing dishes, lotioning hands, etc.

    ALSO, with the bigger size, you just get a liiiiittle more gold for your money ;)
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  10. OMG, feel like you and I are arm / wrist twins as the 17 looks almost exactly the same on us! Quick question for you, do you still feel it on your wrist or do you no longer notice it being there? Like you, I enjoy being able to push up my arm when typing at my desk, however I feel my discomfort from it is being able to always feel it "travelling" around a bit! Very curious to hear how long you have been wearing yours and your experience. Thank you :smile:
  11. Thanks!
  12. I've been wearing mine since end of April this year and most of the time I'm not aware of it at all unless I'm thinking about it. I find that it's happy place is usually a little higher up on my forearm which I like because it's a bit better protected I think. When I want it down lower I just pull it back down :smile: To be fair I never tried on the 16, I am nowhere near a boutique so I had it sent to me and I went with the 17 on the associates recommendation when I mentioned a Tiffany bracelet in 6.5 inches that I liked the fit of. I also obsessively looked at pictures of celebrities wearing the bracelets and decided I liked the looser look. I prefer it to look a little bigger rather than like I'm trying to squeeze in to something that is a little too small. I was going more for Angelina Jolie and Reese Witherspoon as opposed to Hilary Duff haha.

    IMG_2864.JPG IMG_2866.JPG IMG_2865.JPG
  13. IMO this is similar to how my 17 fits and I think the stack looks great on you! What's your wrist size? I also debated between 16 and 17 (16.5 would've been perfect for me, haha!) and went for the latter. There were times that I've thought "hmm maybe I should've picked 16" (because I prefer it to sit higher on my arm) but after the recent heatwave in the UK, I'm so glad that I didn't get the 16 - it would have literally stuck to my arm with very little movement, which would NOT have been fun in the sweltering heat!
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  14. Here is the JUC size 16 :smile:

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