Love bracelet owners- how long did it take you to get used to wearing 24/7?

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  1. I'm assuming it's like my wedding rings that are always on and I don't even feel them anymore because I'm so used to them... but how long did it take you to adjust to the bracelet 24/7? (Obviously this is for those with the full!)
  2. I'd love opinions on this too. I bought a cuff last year but I find it a little tight and uncomfortable. I tried on the full bracelet last week (pink gold with 4 diamonds) and I love it! But I have never worn any jewelry 24/7 and I'm a little concerned about getting used to it.
  3. It only took me a couple days to not really notice them, and a couple weeks to not really pay attention to them except to move them up or down my arm depending on what I was doing (like to type on the computer).

    However, I wear them on my left hand (I'm right handed). I could not get used to wearing them on my right hand with all the time I spend on the computer and using a mouse.
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  4. Just a couple of days along with a juc. Now I forget they're even on and this is coming from someone who never would sleep with jewelry on except a cross necklace.
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    Well, I considered the Love bracelets for years and couldn't pull the trigger for the longest time. I couldn't wear any jewellery 24/7, or so I thought, hehe.

    Now, I have not one, but TWO non-pave Loves permanently affixed onto my left wrist - one plain full YG one and a thin RG. I bought the YG one first about a month ago and the RG a week ago; and at first, it felt very weird having the Love on 24/7, but I got kinda used to it. I still notice them and they do move up and down my arm, but it's not as bothersome as I thought previously. I'm still not 100% used to them yet, but every time I look down my wrist, I just love love how they look...yeah, so in summary...I LOVE them and will "put up" with having them on 24/7!!:biggrin:
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  6. Only took a few days to get used to them. I wear three 4 diamonds Love bracelets on my right wrist 24/7. I wear two diamond Juste Un Clous on my left wrist 24/7.......these took a bit longer to adjust :smile:
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  7. IMG_7513.JPG Help!!! Think my love bracelets are too big. They are size 17 and I was told size 16 was too big but these feel a bit clunky on my wrist? Not sure if I need to get used to wearing or not?? Purchased at Heathrow so can't return or exchange. Any thoughts welcome :smile:

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  8. IMG_7514.JPG IMG_7514.JPG Further pics of love bracelets that I feel may be too big:

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  9. First off, I really like this stack!! I'm debating adding the thin white gold Love to go with my regular sized yellow gold Love. I think it just comes down to personal preference. I know a lot of people, including my friends who like wearing them a bit looser. Maybe it will just take a bit to get used to them? They may look a tad big. I debated 16 vs 17 FOREVER and in the end went with 16.
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  10. Thanks so much for your thoughts! I love the stack too-- think maybe I'm that odd non-existent 16.5 size. Unsure whether I should sell and do what you did, get a size 16!! Feel like they may be uncomfortable cause they are a bit looser. Do your friends that have the looser fit complain of discomfort from them by chance? Deffo recommend the thin white gold! Also purchased the JC in a size 16 which is perfectly snug and they to size down the JC one from Love. Urgh -- so frustrated!!
  11. I'm a guy and have been wearing my Love for 6 months. I didn't have any issues getting used to it. The only thing I have to be careful of is my wife wears permeant earrings. When I put my arm around her neck I have to be careful to not get my bracelet caught!
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  12. Ha! A good problem to have! Makes me deffo feel I got them too big if I can feel then clank about.
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  13. They've never complained, they just try to be careful that when they are at work the bracelets don't bang up against their desks. One of my friends goes so far as to put a terry cloth wristband around hers to avoid them banging up against her desk lol It was super tough for me to decide since I don't have a boutique where I live to go and try them on. I talked with an SA I was referred to and she suggested I go with the 16. I'd love to add the JUC, do you like how the 16 fits on you? Because I'd have to do a 15.
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  14. The first few nights I'd wake up and juggle my arm to make sure it's there, but now it feels like a part of me and I don't think about it
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  15. Thanks for letting me know about your friends -- as I'm now stuck with the size 17 it does make me feel better knowing some successfully have a looser fit! Will give it a good go and try and get used to them before selling them if they don't work out! The Heathrow SA advised me to wear a sweatband around them when working out to avoid friction, your friend may prefer that option rather than a terry cloth!! Think you made the right decision with 16 but it does make your JUC choice more difficult. If the 16 fits fairly snugly than 15 may be too tight. Will upload a pic of JUC in 16 on my wrist tomorrow for you to View if that helps?