Louis Vuitton item lost

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  1. A couple of thoughts;

    So, happy it's not LV staff, in which case LV need to open a case with whichever courier they used to send it.

    You will need to contact the police - advising LV you are doing this. I would guess the police would want to see the security footage showing both items placed in the box you received. Of course, we need to hope that the film also captures a continuous and uninterrupted feed which also shows the box then being picked up by the courier - with no break in which someone could open and rebox the package.

    Do you still have the original packaging? If you do it would be very helpful as wouldn't it need to show the weight of the package?

    Good luck with this one.
  2. Your story makes me sick. I order online since I don’t have a LV store near. Will never order more than one item after hearing what happened to you. Please let us know how it works out for you
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  3. This happened to someone with a Chanel she brought in for repair. After she refused the store credit they offered, eventually they found her bag and give her lotion for her trouble!
  4. Point of Note: You know, no matter how many items I order on one purchase order, they all come separately in different boxes and different tracking numbers. Never have I ever received anything together, no matter how small it was.
  5. I recently received a box with two bags however I had to sign for the package. Usually everything they’ve sent me required signature for delivery. Maybe they could check the weight of the package they sent you. I’m sure the weight would be off of it was one bag vs. two.
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  6. Did the box look opened? I order most of my items online and the box has a perforated piece that is used to open. It would have to have been taped back together if it was opened after being shipped. Why is ups always blamed for missing items?
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  7. You have a good point with respect to the weight.
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  8. I had a similar issue in August 2018. You need to file a claim with your cc immediately. I called LV Services to track down two items and I was connected to an LV store in Saks that had both items. The CA shipped the items to me where I specifically requested signature confirmation because I would be on vacation when the items were scheduled for delivery. The total was $989. Unbeknownst to me, the CA did not ship the item with signature confirmation. I thought it was mandatory for LV to ship all items with signature confirmation because that has been the protocol for all of my previous shipped items from an LV store. I’ve never ordered online.

    When I returned from vacation, I expected a “sorry we missed you” hold tag on my door from UPS but there wasn’t one. I immediately called the CA and the store but received no response. The next day I called the CA and the store and the CA confirmed the item was delivered while I was on vacation. The tracking from UPS showed “left at front door.” I immediately contacted my neighbors and posted a message on NextDoor to see if anyone received the package. I also immediately contacted my cc company and filed a theft claim. They issued a chargeback to LV at Saks and issued me a temporary credit pending an investigation and response from LV. To this day, the package is “missing.”

    When LV at Saks responded, they provided a copy of the sales receipt where my signature was forged, along with an incorrect receipt from another client (included a lot of NPI info), and wrote in their response that I was physically present in the store for the transaction. This info was all lies and egregious errors. I was furious!!!

    In my rebuttal to LV Saks response I provided a detailed list of the facts. I also messaged LV and Saks on social media because the CA committed fraud, did not comply with my request to ship the item with signature confirmation, and LV violated another client’s privacy. I had copies of text messages to substantiate my facts. After my response and my complaint on social media, LV never provided another rebuttal and they had to keep the chargeback. My cc issued a permanent credit because I have zero fraud liability. I will NEVER purchase from that CA again.
    UPS tracking and GPS showed that the package was indeed delivered to my home. However, it was probably stolen by porch pirates.
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  9. Thank you everyone for the input! I just hope this gets straightened out properly. I don’t even know what to do at this point. A store manager is telling me I need to file a claim myself but in reality LV has to do it since they are the shipper.

    It’s an all around MESS.
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  10. It's not your job to track down the missing package. File with your credit card company. That's all you need to do.

    ETA: This is a horrible indictment of the level of service a company like this provides. By contrast, the service I get from Target is amazing. In one order, one of the items was missing. I didn't have to prove it. They shipped out another one immediately. In another order, some glass plates I ordered were broken. Again, I didn't have to prove it. They issued a credit immediately.
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  11. Most moderately priced stores follow the same policy. Replacing $25 dishes may be easier to appease compared to luxury items that average $1-3k. Just sayin’
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  12. As mentioned before, just call your credit card company and problem should be solved with you getting a credit.
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  13. It looks like a credit went through but want to speak with my bank to confirm. Should I even bother contacting LV about this anymore?
  14. That’s great! I wouldn’t bother LV. If you confirm credit was given your done. If you want to repurchase you can order from website deliver to store or go into store and reorder or see if in stock. Good luck.
  15. I just wanted to second this. I have been AMAZED by the target online customer service I received recently. They have made things so easy that other companies would have made a nightmare that I seriously have some shopping loyalty with them now.
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