Louis Vuitton item lost

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  1. Back in December I purchased two items at LV. The sales advisor had to place an online order because the store didn’t have the items in stock. Two to three days later one item was delivered but the other wasn’t. I continued to call LV about not receiving the second item. Every time I got a different story. It’s now a month and a half later and there are still no answers. Now they are apparently filing a UPS claim but said that I could be out the money and out the item based off the claim. Has anyone ever experienced this? It’s awful and so f-ing frustrating.
  2. Just call you credit card company and open a claim for refund.
  3. Is it likely that I'll be refunded?
  4. Probably. You need to do it sooner rather than later because there is a time limit for claims.
  5. So UPS confirmation shows delivery to you but you personally never received the package?
    Get the tracking number information and view the history. What time it was delivered. Doesn’t seem like LV wants to help. How expensive was this item?

    I would write emails to keep a paper trail on your experience since phone calls mean nothing with people saying what they want and it might not be correct information. You can always contact your credit card company and also see if you are covered for this. Would it be considered theft and some credit cards offer protection?
  6. I just submitted a claim. Let's hope this works. I can't believe this company would do something like this. The customer service I've dealt with is awful.
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  7. Did they provide you with the tracking #? What does the tracking indicate?
  8. They won’t give the tracking information but they are saying that it only shows as one item being delivered. They investigated and cameras show that both items were out in the same box. However, I talked to someone else who told me something different. I just keep getting the run around.
  9. Yes of course. These things happen.
  10. So the SA placed an order for both items & LV shipped both together in the same box, but your box only included 1 item??

    If this is the case, it’s a LV issue, someone messed up and didn’t pack both items?

    Did they send you a receipt via email? Did it show purchase of both items?
  11. This reminds me of our story...

    At the end of the last year my husband brought his Valmy messenger bag for repair to our local LV store. He owns a few Vuitton overnights that he uses for work, but this one was his very first Vuitton bag he bought cca +10y ago, still in beautiful condition. He really loved this bag, always asked me to be careful when I borrowed it, telling me that this is the bag he likes a lot and is full of memories.

    We are going to move to a new place and as he went through his stuff, we spoke about bringing this bag to Vuitton to replace the lock and keep it for our kids.

    Long story short, after we brought it to the store, we received an apologetic call from the customer services that the bag got lost (somewhere) and we can choose something else from the current collection.

    Can imagine how big was our disappointment? How this is even possible? Until now there was no explanation offered what exactly happened. We just know that the bag got lost after the repair was done!?!:cursing:
  12. Right. LV is saying that camera footage shows that both items were placed in one box at their distribution center.
  13. But I only received one of those items. I was never emailed anything. I only have my original paper receipt that I received in store.
  14. I’m so sorry this happened. The way they handle issues is unbelievable.
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  15. This is why I get everything shipped to an LV store. I can not trust UPS or USPS - it’s a shame. I hope everything works out for you - Good Luck!
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