Louis Vuitton Chat Thread

  1. I've seen this before but I don't know why it does not specify where it's made! Hmm let us know if you find out! You can still find out using the date code thought.
  2. Start with a classic speedy in mono ! You'll love it!
  3. How much are the straps running for hmmm?
  4. Can you use a strap on any type of speedy?
  5. Yeah I seen them on the metal parts of the handles .
  6. Ohhh I want one too!
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    I would love one !
  8. Called Louis Vuitton. I guess they just don't put the country it's made in anymore if the bag is a speedy. They're either made in France or the U.S now. Slightly disappointed by that.
  9. The ones made in France still say Made in France, it's just the US made ones without the "made in" heatstamp, but there should be an interior cloth tag that that says made in USA of imported materials, etc.
  10. I just wanted to say how much I love Louis Vuitton. Its an endless obsession. *faints*

    and tPF helps alot ;) :biggrin:
  11. Question.... I had my Trevi GM stolen from me recently and I'm so sad/pissed.. I've had (her) it since 2009. And my heart is broken.. :crybaby::sad: However I am in the process of replacing it. Should I get the same purse or should I go for something else???
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    guys can i ask about the current price of speedy 35 and neverful MM , GM in US pleaas , i will appreciate it :biggrin:
  13. I know the neverful mm is 850 not sure about the others
  14. Came to around $276 with tax. I keep mine in its dustbag in my speedy in case I want to carry her on my shoulder, especially if i'm carrying groceries or a lot of other stuff.
  15. I just bought the new Emilie Damier Ebene wallet. It's perfect!! It's so practical and I love that I can fit my phone inside. It's seems like it will be functional as a clutch. I will find out when I take her out this weekend. I've seen the Unboxing videos on YouTube but I couldn't find one for this wallet in the damier Ebene ..only the monogram so I made one LOL it's probably terrible but who's judging?? Enjoy!

    Check out this video on YouTube:


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