LOUIS VUITTON - Alma or Hampstead

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  1. Hi Guys,

    I am new to this thread. Well i have been having major dilemma on whether to choose an Alma or Hampstead.....

    This is my 1st LV purchase...and i am torned between the both..

    Ist of all i like to carry high end posh looking bags. Which i think Alma fits the bill... but i like the hampstead bcos of the gold plate and it as an original look....

    So which one should i choose? Your suggestion will reali help..

    Thanks guys!
  2. BOTH!
    jk, i would go with the Alma, regardless it screams LV everywhere. it is a classic desingn that only LV created :smile: as well as its timeless design that traingular shape...such a pretty bag! get the ALMA! have you thought about whether which line of Alma? Monogram, Mulitcolore, Damier Ebene, Vernis?
  3. ALMA!! So classy looking....:tup:
  4. Vernis is sure gorgerous. I like this line on Alma more...:P
  5. Thanks for your reply..i was planning to get the Damier Ebene one....stil breaking my head over this...;)
  6. Alma is such classic LV! But if you need a shoulder bag, maybe the Hampstead is better for you?
  7. Well, you said you like high end, posh looking bags so I would say Alma for sure. I love the look of the Hampstead but to me it is more casual and kinda heavy. I saw a lady recently with a Damier Alma and it was gorgeous! Congrats on buying your first LV.
  8. Thanks Lorianna....it doesnt matter if its shoulder bag or top handle bag...i jus want something to justify the price and the rich look of the bag..
  9. Thanks Kirby for your suggestion...but i was wondering if i can carry the Alma for casual purpose or occasions...(the damier ebene)as it looks more officy...would it be nice if its worn with jeans and a formal top?
  10. I don't think you would have any problem using it either dressy or casual. Damier is versatile in that respect IMO.
  11. one vote for the hampstead:smile:
    my first lv was a hampstead,will get my second LVoe end of this month!!!:yahoo:
  12. Alma!
  13. I would go for the Alma (:*
  14. If this is your first LV bag and you are looking at something more versatile and classic, then go for the alma - I think it's beautiful in damier ebene. If you are carrying it to work, it will look great too. Hampstead is more casual. Have fun deciding!
  15. I vote for Hampstead. Depends though how big the books you wish to carry. I don't like the Alma at all, although it is very popular on the forum. The base is very high maintenance so that's something to consider.