LOUIS VUITTON - Alma or Hampstead

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  1. I love the Damier Alma - I have one and it is a gorgeous classy bag (my 25 year old daughter has absconded with it unfortunately because she loves it too). I'm not a fan of the little brass plates on LV bags. I honestly feel it cheapens the look. Sorry. There's something just bordering on a little tacky to me about the little gold plates. It will also turn (won't stay brass colored - it's just coated metal) and it will scratch). Your alma will stay gorgeous forever.
  2. alma
  3. Like Princess Pink I vote for the Hampstead as well !
    Im loving the Hampstead in Ebene for many many reasons and thinking its gonna be my next purchase !
    Good luck with your decision!
  4. Alma!
  5. Alma!!
  6. Definitely Alma!
  7. alma
  8. Alma
  9. Hampstead. I'm not a fan of the Alma, though (but I seem to be in the minority).
  10. Alma
  11. Alma
  12. Hampstead, it's a beautiful bag :smile:
  13. In the damier ebene I prefer the Hampstead MM. Love this bag, sold mine and now want to buy it again. I think it can be very stylish for work or for weekends, has tons of pockets and the brass plate gives it just enough pizzaz without going over the top. I think the Alma looks best in the Vernis, either Amarante or Pomme.
  14. I'd take Alma from any LV line before Hampstead. Just a personal preference. You will instantly know which you prefer when you try them on in the boutique. Happy shopping!:smile:
  15. Alma MM