LOUIS VUITTON - Alma or Hampstead

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  1. I vote for the Hampstead. I don't own one, but it seem to be a little more user-friendly than the Alma.
  2. I prefer the Alma in Epi or Vernis lines - not really a fan of the mono alma.
  3. It depends on your purpose for the bag, I have the Alma in Rose Florentin and tbh I only use it on weekends when I'm going out because it's more of a dressy (can't wear it casually), and I am considering the Hampstead because of it's versatility. I think it's a really good everyday bag for running errands with and going shopping, yet chic enough for other uses as well! Good luck with your choice and I hope this helps!
  4. I would go for the Alma in Ebene! It's such a classic, timeless piece and ultra feminine.
  5. I have both, Alma in damier ebene and Hampsted in Azur. I love and use them both, but when im dressed and ready to pick ut my bag for the day, it's never between alma or hampsted. They are to different to be compared, and for different use. But if I have to pick one, I tink it will be tha Alma....
    Good luck whit yor choise, I'm sure you will be happy anyway:smile:
  6. alma - I am totally waiting to also get my hands on the damier ebene one. I think this bag is so amazing bec you can dress it up and down
  7. Hampstead
  8. alma!
  9. EPI or Vernis Alma
  10. Actuali i think i will get the Alma as my starter bag and get the hampstead in the near future...have become a LV addict!!!!!Thanks all so much for your suggestions! Reali helped me alot!!
  11. Alma!!!
  12. loving my hampstead more these days...
  13. I've never liked Alma, however, I LOVE Hampstead!
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    I would go for either an Epi or Damier Alma
  15. If you want rich looking, versatile bag for both work and weekends.....Hampstead. I pefer Alma in Epi or Vernis.