Longchamp repair & cleaning

  1. Thanks so much for the info everyone. I posted about this in another thread because I didn't see this one about getting my khaki Longchamps clean. I do have black marks so I may try the shout and the washing machine since I haven't carried it for about 6 years anyway.
    Thanks! Donnachloe
  2. Took my bag to the SF boutique because the corners had gotten holes in them. To my surprise they repair it for free. Will take 6-8 weeks. I asked the SA if I could wash it in the washing machine and she said I shouldn't because if they can't read the plastic tab on the inside they won't do the repair. I told her I had a water stain on one of mine and she said to use soap and water and scrub it.
  3. The sales person at my longchamp store strictly told me not to put them in the washer as it would damage the leather. So I hand wash them with a brush and mild soap. Then leave hanging to dry.
  4. they're pretty water resistant eh? stains go away quite easily!
  5. I took my two Le Pliage bags to the Sydney boutique and was told that they do not repair frayed corners for free as it is wear and tear and their warranty only covers manufacturing defects. They told me this even though I had a printed email from Longchamp Customer Service from their official website saying that repairs for frayed corners will be done without charge.

    I am very disappointed that Sydney Longchamp boutique are not willing to repair it for free when other boutiques do this for their customers. Shouldn't all the Longchamp boutiques have the same policy? I love Le Pliage bags for their convenience but if they will get holes in them eventually and you will have to pay to get it fixed, then they're not worth the cost!

    This is what was emailed to me by LC customer service.

    [FONT=&quot]Dear Mrs. XXXXX, Thank you for your message and your interest in Longchamp. I am sorry to learn that you have been disappointed by one of our Le Pliage® bags. The bag "Le Pliage ®", as it was designed 10 years ago now, is a compromise between different requirements: aesthetics, cost, lightness, "pliability", etc... We have found that the corners sometimes wore faster than the rest of the bag but we have not yet found a solution that would prevent this early wear while satisfying our other requisites. In order to benefit from our repair service please contact any Longchamp boutique or authorized retailer near you. Alternatively, we advise you to contact: LONGCHAMP QVB, SHOP 16, 455 GEORGE STREET 2000 SYDNEY Tel : 92 610 173 Your bag will then be conveyed to our workshops who will restore the corners free of charge. You may find a list of our boutiques and retailers available on our website under the heading Retail stores: http://www.longchamp.com/en/store-locator-267.html We remain at your disposal for any further information we may provide. Thanking you again for your loyalty to our brand, we apologize for the inconveniences caused on this occasion. Sincerely, [/FONT][FONT=&quot][/FONT]
    [FONT=&quot]XXXXX, [/FONT]
    [FONT=&quot]Longchamp Customer Relations[/FONT]
  6. Wow, that is definitely shocking. How can the corporate promise you one thing and the boutique ignore it? I haven't gotten my back yet and anxious to see what kind of job they do. I would write back to corporate and complain.
  7. Yup I have replied to the email and got an answer pretty quickly. They said they have forwarded my concern to the appropriate people and they will get back to me soon. I'll keep you posted with what they come back to me with.
  8. Hi I'm a new member here. I own several longchamp le pliage bag and le pliage cuir....I ordered
    1. Collonil leather gel as recommended by Mulberry
    2. Collonil Organic Protect and care
    3. Collonil Clean & Care foam for all materials -leather,Nubuck, suedes &Textiles
    4. Collonil Delicate leather cleaner handbag, shoes and boots

    I ordered everything via Amazon....the first 2 items is for waterproofing and the last 2 is for Cleaning.

    Are those products ok? Is it ok to use on my bags? guys please help me and tell me if those products are ok before I make a stupid mistake on putting them on my bags
  9. I'm planning to bring my longchamp to the SF boutique to get it repaired. To those who got them to fix it, how bad was the fraying/holes and how old was your bag? I guess I want to figure out how beaten up the bag was before you got it repaired. I just called the boutique and they said that they'll need to assess my bag first. Do they usually do it for free...or is there a cost (and how much)? Oh and I assume it doesn't matter where I got the bag right, since when I called in, they didn't ask me about that...
  10. I took mine to the SF boutique a few weeks ago. I haven't gotten back it yet. But I would say my bag was a couple of years old and the holes were less than a 1/4 inch wide. It was free of charge. I was told that the tag inside had to be legible so that's why I shouldn't try washing it in the washer.
  11. Okie dokes. Thanks! before taking it, I'll clean it up a little, and I don't think ima be using the washing machine since on their site, they do say to keep the leather dry. You still haven't gotten it back yet? Do they tell you about what time you'll get it back?
  12. I think they said 4 to 6 weeks. I need to call them and check.
  13. After all the drama with the SAs at the Sydney boutique, I got my 2 bags after 1 week repaired free of charge. One of them was frayed pretty bad, with tiny holes in all four corners. I didn't buy them from the Sydney boutique, but they weren't too fussy about that as the tag inside the bag will pretty much tell them what they need to know.
  14. I went to the SF boutique today and they told me that I should wait until the bag is in a even worse condition to fix it because they only fix it for free one time. Even though I have 3 holes and one badly fraying (almost a hole) corner, they want me to wait. SOOO I guess I'll use my bag until I think it's bad enough so they'll fix it.
  15. That's interesting! I have to pick mine up next week. I'll let you know how it turns out.