Longchamp repair & cleaning

  1. Not sure, it's been a while, sorry!

    I've also used Longchamp's Customer Service directly and they were wonderful, may be worth a try!! :smile:
  2. I wash my le pliage but i don't put it inside the washing machine, just do gently rub to the nylon.
  3. I had a nasty grease spot on a bright pink Longchamp and patiently kept applying Oxi powder made into a paste and the spot is pretty much gone now. I used the dry Oxi powder.
  4. Too afraid to use the washing machine! Will definitely try the oxi powder though! Good idea!
  5. Me too! Ive just washed my third Lonchamp Le Pliage bag in the washing machine and everything turns out great! I wash in cold on gentle cycle and let hang dry ...good as new:roflmfao:
  6. Me too. Just washed my white Pliage. I was nervous, but it came out great.

  7. Hi, I just bought this Longchamp online and it is really really old and worn. The handles feel limp and fragile and there are multiple areas where the leather is discolored. Any ideas on how to revive this bag?? Thanks!!
    image-223533581.jpg image-1570805220.jpg image-1644776153.jpg image-2109731933.jpg image-1822890895.jpg image-118207997.jpg
  8. I would take it to my shoe repair shop and ask them, unless you live in NYC, LA, Chicago, SF, etc., where there are stores that specialize in restoring bags. If you check in the advertisements in the back of New York Magazine, there is a sometimes an ad for a handbag repair shop in NYC. Good luck!
  9. Thanks for the advice!!
  10. Mild soap and a toothbrush is the BEST! :graucho:
  11. Hi all,

    I have a Le Pliage and love it to bits, but the corners are starting to fray. Does anyone have any recommendations on how to slow down or prevent this from happening? I did read in previous posts that you can send the bag in to be fixed for holes, or to sew the corners in yourself - however I'm more interested in how to prevent this from happening to begin with. Any tips would be appreciated. =D
  12. I called my local Longchamp store (SF) to ask if they could repair my bag that has holes in the corners and they said they would but it takes 6-8 weeks because they have to send it to the factory in NJ or something. Has anyone here sent in their bag for repair before? and how long did it take?
  13. does anyone know how much they charge to have corners mended??
  14. How do we get the creases out of the bags? I've used it for months after purchase, but the creases still shows.
  15. Did they give you any idea of price?