Longchamp repair & cleaning

  1. I have a beige classic longchamp tote, which has some marks on it. Anyone knows how to clean it? I tried using a damp cloth but it doesn't work. Thanks
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  2. Have you tried baby wipes? They are often helpful with nylon bags.
  3. i did... but sadly it does not work on the marks....
  4. I used my old toothbrush with mild soap, lightly brush on the marks and after a few gentle brushes, the marks came out! It works very nicely. Just wipe the residue off with damp cloth.
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  5. I actually was told that you can wash the "pliage" bags in the washing machine... :confused1:
    I've never done that though - at least not yet... Someone in the German Purse Forum told me, that if you put them in the washing machine the leather (the handles and the flap) get a lighter colour.

    Regina :yes:
  6. The SA at Magnums.net also told me that you can put le pliages in the washing machine... though I have to say I'm skeptical. I would scrub with a toothbrush to get the stain out.
  7. I used the same method (toothbrush with dove soap). Stains come off nicely.
  8. Throw it in the washing machine after you use some shout spray gel on the stain. The bag will be fine..just air dry, inside out. It will take a few days for it to dry fully. I stick my longchamps and my prada nylons in the washer and they are just fine. If you are nervous, wash inside a pillowcase (knot it shut).

    Just editing to add that if you are still nervous :smile: hand wash in sink with woolite.
  9. I washed my pliage tote in the washing machine and let it air dry. It turned out fine but my bag didn't have black marks on it like yours. HTH!
  10. Just another vote for the washing machine...I've done it too and it works very well!
  11. I actually mixed a little bit of laundry detergent with water and took a sponge to wipe off the marks. It worked out very well. I haven't tried putting it in the washing machine yet because I'm afraid of the leather handles being damaged.
  12. washing machine on delicate. i got a white small one last year and kept it clean that way. i figured even if i ruined it, it was only like 90 bucks anyways.
  13. I have a light blue, and it often gets filthy. I was it in the sink with woolite/dove/soap and a cloth to scrub it. I try to keep the leather dry. Then hang it to dry.. works great
  14. first try the recommended toothbrush and mild soap. If it fails, dip it in the washing machine for a spin or two. What do you have to loose!?
  15. ^^ Agree...the washing machine is probably your best bet.